The best mobile for 200 euros you can buy: these are the 4 best

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The best mobile for 200 euros you can buy: these are the 4 best 1

The market for mobile devices is becoming more and more competitive, and it is difficult to find the right phone for each user. We tell you the easy way which is the best mobile for 200 euros, and their 3 best alternatives.

The range of 200 euros is the minimum you should spend in order to have a satisfactory experience. These devices are very competent in performance and offer a performance able to satisfy anyone. You will not have problems to use any application, the majority of games will work without problems. The camera of these mobile also offers decent results for the day-to-day.

It is important to note that the prices quoted in the article are the ones that had the product at the time of writing the article. If you find a different price is due to price changes that make the businesses online. Sometimes cheaper, others more expensive.

Galaxy M30s is the best mobile for 200 euros

Power efficient the hand of Exynos

The Samsung Galaxy M30s is a mobile phone that was introduced a few months ago, a terminal that was 259 euros and it seemed to us a purchase completely recommend. In these moments it cost 60 euros less than its regular priceand that makes the terminal more recommended in this budget.

The performance is magnificent, the screen is excellent, battery of 6,000 mAh gives for a lot of cane and One UI is a layer of customization with a design and functionality that are at the best level possible. This makes probably the best mobile of its price for demanding tasks such as games.

  • The best: for performance, battery and camera is the best for games and multimedia. Their cameras are pretty good too.
  • The worst: although 64 GB is enough space, for these prices there are mobile phones that offer 128 GB.

Samsung Galaxy M30s for 199 euros on Amazon.

Motorola One Action

The best mobile for 200 euros you can buy: these are the 4 best 2

The Motorola One Action it is the only mobile phone capable of recording video horizontally while holding vertically, an idea that is great as it is so narrow it ends up being the easiest way to record. And is that function as action camera it is the great differential of this mobile.

Beyond this function we find ourselves with a mobile fluidísimo, with Android One and a lot of memory. In these moments, which is 179 euros is the mobile recommended. By quality and by price.

  • Why choose the Motorola One Action: performance of the system, video recording, Android One, NFC, 128 GB storage.
  • And why not: design long is not for all audiences. You either love it or hate it.

Motorola One Action for 190 euros.

realme 5 Pro

The best mobile for 200 euros you can buy: these are the 4 best 3

realme is one of the brands star, 2019, and the realme 5 pro is a mobile phone, key in their catalog. For 189 euros, we have a mobile powerhouse (your processor belongs to a superior category), with a camera great, and a design that captures attention instantly. One of the alternatives more solid that you can choose.

  • Why choose the realme 5 Pro: it is the most powerful, and with a better camera, 128 GB of storage.
  • And why not: layer of customization with aesthetics similar to iOS, it lacks NFC.

  • realme 5 Pro for 189 euros.
  • I can spend a little more: realme 6 for 219 euros.

The cheapest: Redmi Note 8T

The best mobile for 200 euros you can buy: these are the 4 best 4

  • The best: versatility in photography, price / performance and has NFC for a very low price.
  • The worst: less potent and with a worse screen than its direct rivals.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8C for 156 euros.

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