The best areas to play in Purgatorio

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We have up to three territories where battles can take place in the open field. Bermuda and Kalahari are the oldest, so in Purgatory there are many secrets and key areas that we can discover that are not so well known.

Garena Free Fire: The Cobra
Garena Free Fire: The Cobra

Characteristics of this map in the battle royale

Purgatory is the name of the second Free Fire map (though it came out and back into the game quickly), larger and mountainous than Bermuda. It has clear differences in terms of the appearance of the places, and it has a few novelties that force us to adapt to survive and win. There is no doubt that we must use all possible tools to be victorious in this battle royale.

purgatory map free fire

Keep in mind that the “safe zone” criterion depends on the flight path on the map. Also, the safe places obviously don’t have a large amount of loot, but they do have a sufficient amount to enjoy the game. We will tell you which ones offer the best chances for your team to start each game well looted.

How to play in Purgatory in Free Fire

We go with the key areas to land just when we parachute, both those that are more populated and those that are less. Areas where we can get more or less loot and, ultimately, greater projection in the game.


This area is the least populated on low ground for moderate loot. It’s located on the northwest side of the map. The location has some trailers and little houses to explore. It’s spacious and safe to land on, but the loot isn’t always decent.

Mt. Villa

The site features the lowest loot among other locations on the map, but is very safe to land on. The area is located in the extreme southwest of the map and has very few buildings and houses. The location may not have enough loot for the entire team, but it will provide enough for one or two players.

mt villa purgatorio free fire


The area is the least populated on the southwest side of Purgatory with average loot. In addition, it is distinguished by its warehouses and typical buildings. Players will be able to find enough loot for the team and it will almost always be optimal for one or two players.

Trailer park

Trailer Park is at the top of the map. It is an old caravan area where it is perfect to do loot. There is a lake right next door, behind the caravans and near a few houses, so there is a good chance that an enemy will surprise you. The best thing is to go up the hills that surround this part of the map and, after observing, go down to where the caravans are.

The big house is worth a look, the one in the valley on the east side of the park. To the west of the large park, there is a smaller one in which we can also find good equipment.

Ski lodge

Ski Lodge is a ski slope that is in the east of the map, a place full of loot. The building has an entrance with simple divisions and you can find a variety of equipment in the ticket office area. On the track itself you can also take loot which is strewn across the snow. However, it is open field, so we will be exposed while we stock up.

Off the track, on the right side of the track, there is a vehicle that you can use to quickly escape. One of the main roads is there, so it will be easy for you to get around Purgatorio from there.


It is difficult that this great mansion does not attract attention, being in the middle of a lake. It is a very attractive point and, if the plane passes by, surely there will be players who decide to start here. Although it is worth it for the weaponry and supplies that you can find in Moathouse. If possible, land on the top of the mansion. If enemies come, you will have better visibility.

The safest way to escape is to use the zip line. There are also two bridges to get around fast, but you can try swimming, which is not a good idea given the slowness. The lake is surrounded by high hills, so don’t stand still for long. If not, prepare to receive a headshot from distance.


The small town called Central has a few two-story houses and, as the name suggests, is situated in the center of Purgatorio. If you explore each room well, you will find a lot loot quality. Central is accessible via two zip lines, so it is not important to start here. The road passes very close and it is common to get a vehicle on it.

The houses offer opportunities both to get good weaponry, and to surprise enemies who are exploring. It is a somewhat famous area, depending on the route of the plane, so pay extreme attention. Check all the possible roofs, because you will find very pleasant surprises.


The following Free Fire map has a capital with a fairly recognizable name: Brasilia. This region is full of houses and is quite famous among players, so proceed carefully if you decide to land here. The loot that you will find in Brasilia will be varied, both in large and small homes.

Likewise, the capital is very accessible by different routes, both by zip lines and by road. For that reason, if you stay there and the circle closes with Brasilia in the center, prepare to be surrounded.

Bonus tip: use the zip lines in Free Fire

In Purgatory, in addition to driving vehicles, there are also zip lines (which is the zip line) that we can use to move quickly. They allow us to cross long distances in a short time, passing over houses, trees and even rivers. It is possible to let go of us early, but be careful! If you let go at a high enough height, you will hurt yourself when you fall.

zip lines free fire

Zip lines are marked on the map with yellow lines. It is one of the best ways to get around, as it allows us to explore with peace of mind, even if we are outside the safe zone. In a matter of seconds you will be out of the danger of the storm, crossing half the map with a zip line.