The best apps to record a podcast from your mobile

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What do you need to record a podcast with your mobile

We have said that to record a podcast you only need a mobile and an application to start. By this we mean the immediacy of being able to create a recording, especially if we start in this world. Another thing is quality, that although it is decent, it is very improvable. For that we must already resort to other tools that allow us to offer better content, although we do not think that a study is necessary either.

These apps to record podcasts usually leave a decent quality in terms of the final result of the recording. In addition, they have other elements that help better content such as sound inserts, background tunes from royalty-free music banks, systems to monetize content (if it’s good), and even ways to engage with the community. On the other hand, many of them allow download the files and share them on social networks or on other platforms.

One of the first items to be purchased is an external microphone. A component that allows, first of all, to better capture the clarity of our voice for recording; and secondly, to isolate the external noise or the echo of the walls that can be generated. For mobiles there are numerous external microphones, either lavalier, directional or condenser microphones, depending on the budget. They all know connect via USB and auxiliary cable. Alternatively and due to a lack of budget, we can use headphones to better pick up the sound. It is true that it is not a microphone, but it is a way to make the voice louder when close, as well as to isolate external noise moderately, especially if they have noise cancellation.

Can you use cuts and music with rights in your show?

Most of these apps have a sufficient but limited music bank and are not copyrighted. Being free of rights, it does not generate any problem for us when publishing the podcast, although as we say, its catalogs may be scarce.

Find music without copyright And that you can monetize, or at least avoid problems now or in the future, is not always easy. And forget that “if it’s a few seconds nothing happens” because it’s a lie. If you don’t have the rights, you don’t have them and there isn’t much else to do. You cannot use music without the consent of its author or prior purchase of the license.

Either to make the intro of the podcast or to accompany it throughout the recording, there are alternatives that have music of all kinds and suitable for any theme. Platforms such as Soundcloud, YouTube or even Spotify have totally royalty-free music that will not give us copyright problems.

What separates the good from the bad apps for making canned radio

That you can hook up an external microphone, that allows you to put cuts / tunes, etc., that allows there to be several users at the same time, live and deferred broadcast, download the file, etc., monetization options (donations, subscriptions, etc. .).
Here you can put an H3 that is:

An app to listen or publish is not the same as one to record a podcast

We should not confuse these apps with others in which we can only listen or, at most, publish the audios. In these are platforms such as iVoox or Google Podcast, in which programs can be published but not recorded from it. In fact, the Google option only allows you to publish it from an RSS feed that links to the podcast, it doesn’t even allow you to store it in its interface. The ones that we are going to present do have tools to record from their interface, without the need to resort to external links.

Download the best Android apps to make a podcast

Leaving us preliminary, we go with the apps to record a podcast on Android, which in fact also allow you to publish on the same platform and which has its own community. However, if we want to spread those audios on other platforms or on social networks, they will also leave without problem.


Record a podcast with Anchor en as simple as pressing the red button that appears on the main desktop of the app or by bringing the phone to your ear to start recording immediately. Once you have recorded it, you will get several editing options, from adding other interviews, including music from Spotify or Apple Music or inserting wedges and clips, among many other functions. Among them, it has the option of inserting background melodies in the podcast, as well as a fairly direct interaction with the community.

On the other hand, if we browse a bit through the Anchor content, we find that in the community podcasts we can also make several options. The platform created by Spotify allows you to adjust the playback speed, if the sound is output through the speaker or through the phone and if we give applause to the podcast, which is a kind of support for user content. In addition, it has very interesting options such as converting both to video and text of our podcasts.

Anchor - Application to create podcasts
Anchor - Application to create podcasts

Spreaker Studio

With Speaker Studio you can create your own radio program from which to broadcast live or record tracks to broadcast later. In addition, you can add sound effects and mix voice and music, creating high-quality podcasts, identical to those that sound on the radio. Of course, you can upload it to the same platform as the app, or share it on Facebook or Twitter.

speaker studio apps record podcast

Spreaker Studio - Create your free podcast
Spreaker Studio - Create your free podcast

Stereo – Live Shows and Podcasts

Stereo is a live podcast application that allows both influencers and non-influencers to broadcast at the same time, receiving questions in audio form from listeners, resulting in dynamic, two-way communication. It also allows you to chat with another person live, and it is something that some youtubers like Willyrex, Cristinini or Auronplay use to answer questions from their fans at the same time that they record a video chatting with a third person, since chatting is the main purpose of the Stereo app.

stereo podcast

Nothing happens if all these auditions cannot be heard at the time of the rigorous live performance, since Stereo save productions and leave them uploaded on your platform, so you can listen to them at any time. In the same playback, we can advance or increase the speed of it. On the other hand, it has tournaments and classifications that attribute financial compensation to the creator as a monetization system.

Stereo - Live Shows and Podcasts
Stereo - Live Shows and Podcasts

Podbean: app and podcast player

It is one of those platforms that has free and premium plans. If you opt for the free option, you can record a podcast and edit it in a basic way including, for example, background music. If your idea is to create more content, then you will have to opt for the paid version, which offers more space, bandwidth and functions such as consulting statistics, uploading files to ftp or using an online player.

podbean apps record podcast

Podbean: app and podcast player
Podbean: app and podcast player

Storyboard – The App for Private Podcasts

If you have a company or a business, it can be one of the apps to record a podcast on Android for a more corporate environment. It allows you to create private podcasts that are sent to all team members, who have previously been invited to those audios through codes. It also allows any member to send a recording in podcast format in a simple way, although the group administrator must first validate it.

storyboard podcast

Radio Sound Board: Custom SFX
Radio Sound Board: Custom SFX

Podomatic Podcast Recorder

A less known app for this podcast recording utility, but it also offers tools for both recording and broadcasting podcasts. It has a simple interface for recording, although it has hardly any functions apart from inserting a background melody while we speak. It has its own platform for our podcasts to be heard, including metrics to check the impact of hearing.

podomatic apps podcast

Podomatic Podcast Recorder
Podomatic Podcast Recorder

Clubhouse on Android is it available?

It is an app that was launched in 2020 and has become a benchmark for audio playback. Like Stereo, it is used by very influential personalities, hence its popularity. It works like a social network like a room or forum where people offer chat or conversations. When you enter a room, you can take your turn to speak and the moderator decides whether to give the floor or not. The key is that, when accessing the application, tastes and interests are defined, and a menu allows you to see the rooms that the algorithms select for the user based on their choices.

Club House

In Android the closest thing we find to this application is Stereo, as we have already mentioned. We say this because Clubhouse is only available for iOS, so for Android you have to wait. However, its creators –Paul Davison and Rohan Seth– they have already advanced that will soon be available for Android. In this platform you have to register through an email and a password, although to access it we need an invitation from a member. Each member of the platform has two invitations.