The best apps to improve home security | TOP 10

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home security apps

We all want to feel protected and safe at home, something that is becoming easier every day thanks to new technologies, which advance at huge rates and increasingly, they know how to adapt and satisfy our needs. Currently there are a multitude of mobile applications designed to increase home security , which will allow you to be much safer and more calm, both inside and outside the home.

Even so, these apps are just a complement, and really the most important thing is check the coverage of your home to make sure you get the protection you need. So before continuing, take a look at your home insurance and check it out.

Now yes, then we are going to show you the best mobile apps to improve home security. Pay attention, take note, and feel much calmer.

10 apps that will make you feel much safer inside and outside the home

The best apps to improve home security | TOP 10 1

1 – Presence

We start with Presence, a free app with which you can control your home and protect your children. When installed on your mobile phone, it will become a video camera, with which you can watch videos in real time, as well as audio transmissions, receive messages or notifications when it detects any movement, etc.

To do this, it is as simple as downloading and installing it on your mobile phone. All you need is a video camera.

2 – Salient Eye

Another of the most outstanding apps to increase home security is Salient Eye, which turns your mobile into a security system for the whole home. The app accesses the phone’s camera and the moment it detects any movement, it takes pictures and sends them to you by email and SMS.

Also, when activated and detects motion, will sound a loud alarm with the aim of driving away thieves.

3 – Vipper Connect

We continue with Vipper Connect, an app with motion sensors and a video camera, which is capable of monitoring up to a maximum of 64 devices, including sirens, sensors and up to a total of eight cameras.

It is also an app that will allow you to automate the home, since it is capable of managing both the lighting and the thermostat. And if all this were not enough, it includes a panic button and can manipulate the garage door.

It also has a vehicle protection system, with which your car will be fully protected, and that will be activated the moment someone starts your vehicle while the app is activated.

home security with android

4 – Nest

One of the highest quality security systems that was purchased by Google in 2014. Its security systems, applications and cameras are fully integrated into the Android ecosystem. In addition to surveillance, it also offers other services such as smart doorbells, thermostats, etc. Very high quality products although somewhat expensive compared to the competition.

5 – SimpliSafe

With SimpliSafe you will monitor the security of your home from anywhere in the world thanks to its ability to view live video. It also has instant notifications, time record with all activity and alarms, etc.

6 – Sigthound

When we do not have enough time to see all the videos that the surveillance cameras record, Sigthound uses the camera of our mobile device, and notifies us when any incident occurs. It has a very effective people detection system that makes it one of the most recommended home security apps.

7 – i-Segurity

You too we recommend using i-Security, one of the most complete and effective home security apps, which is available for iOs, Android and PC. By installing and activating it, it will turn the camera of your mobile or computer into a video surveillance camera, being able to also link it with the security cameras that you have installed.

It will record videos and take photos in a very complete and efficient way, and it is also very intuitive and easy to use.

8 – ReoLink

Another very effective is ReoLink, which consists of a camera that you just have to activate and control through the mobile app, from where you can see live and direct images of the place where you have placed it. It is very simple.

9 – Alfred

It is one of the simplest and most effective, and is that Alfred turns your mobile into a security camera. Ideal for those who are not very good at technology, as it is very easy to use.

10 – Ivideon

And we end up with Ivideon, an advanced surveillance app that has an excellent interface, and that allows you to watch videos in real time from any type of device. It also allows you to record and send audio in any situation.