The best applications to automate tasks on Android

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IFTT Applications automate tasks

The number of productivity apps for Android available in Spain is huge. Among these applications we find many types, such as apps to fulfill your tasks. One class of applications that is very popular with Android users is task automation applications.

These applications allow us carry out all kinds of tasks automatically, as long as certain conditions are met. They are applications that can help us save time when performing these tasks, especially those that are repetitive. There are several applications in this field that stand out above the rest and are worth installing on Android.


The best applications to automate tasks on Android 1

IFTTT is one of the best-known applications to automate tasks on Android, which was notably renewed a couple of years ago. This application works with more than 630 different services, from applications such as Gmail, Telegram, Google Drive or Twitter, to smart devices for your home, such as Google Home / Nest speakers, Amazon Echo or lights like Philips Hue.

Thanks to IFTTT you can automate various types of tasks, especially repetitive or simple tasks. Receive daily notifications with the day’s weather forecasts, receive news from certain media, automatically post to social networks, make backup copies of your files, save screenshots in a specific album, send messages to someone when you are near one store and many more.

IFTTT is presented as one of the most complete task automation applications and compatible with more services. In addition, the number of services increases over time. Download on Android is free and inside there are direct purchases, to have access to additional functions.

The best applications to automate tasks on Android 2


The best applications to automate tasks on Android 3

For many Android users Tasker is possibly the best application to automate tasks. This app has advanced at a great pace these years, being even compatible with Google Assistant. It is the most complete application that we can find and that will allow you to automate practically any task or process. This goes from simple functions such as that the WiFi is activated automatically when arriving at a certain location or that the mobile performs a certain action when you make a gesture on the screen.

Tasker is an app that we have talked about several times before. It is a complete application, but it takes some time to master it, since it is not the most intuitive for many Android users, but with a little patience you will learn to use it and you will be able to start taking advantage of the many options it provides.

If you want to use Tasker on your Android phone, you will have to pay 3.59 euros for your download. In exchange for this payment we do not have purchases inside it, to enjoy all the functions it provides. If you want, you can try it and if not, you are convinced to ask for a refund on Google Play.

The best applications to automate tasks on Android 4


Automate interface

Automate is another application to automate tasks that has gained a niche among Android users. One of the great advantages of this application is that has a simpler design than its competitors, especially Tasker. The design of this application is based on flows that trigger an action based on conditions or circumstances that have been previously determined.

The application will allow you automate a large number of functions or tasks that we do on a regular basis: copy files to the cloud, play music at a specific time or location, send messages or emails, activate GPS, WiFi or NFC in specific locations or times and many more. There are a large number of functions available in the app. In addition, it is compatible with many essential Android apps such as Gmail or Google Drive.

Automate can be downloaded for free on our Android phone. Inside the application there are purchases, to have access to more functions.

The best applications to automate tasks on Android 5

Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)

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Microsoft Flow is another application that we can use on Android to automate tasks. This application gives us the possibility to create workflows between applications and services. The idea is that these tasks are performed automatically so that we can save time or make these operations simpler for us, allowing more comfortable use at all times.

Thanks to the application we can automate operations such as recording activities, working hours, get notified when a certain condition is met, download files to the cloud directly, get notifications when a work item is updated, and more. This application is very business oriented, so it can make your work easier.

The application can be downloaded for free on Android, in addition, there are no purchases or advertisements of any kind inside.

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