The best app to measure the speed of your Internet connection on your mobile: Meteor

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Featured meteor app

A good Internet connection is essential for Android users in Spain. There are times when our mobile data or WiFi works slower than it should or we have problems using certain applications. In the Play Store we find many apps for control internet speed and Meteor is a great option to consider.

Meteor is an application that will measure internet speed on mobile anytime. The best thing about this application is that it uses simple language, which will allow us to understand any problem, as well as being visually easy to follow, something important in an app of this type.

Measure your connection speed

Internet speed meteor test

Meteor is an application accessible to all types of users, thanks to a really easy-to-use interface and we are not bombarded with complicated language. The app will tell us the speed of our Internet connection at that moment, through a system of grades and colors, so that we know if the connection is good or not at the time this test is performed on it. Visually it will be easy to see if the connection is good at that moment.

One aspect that makes the app especially interesting is that it will tell you if your internet connection is currently good enough to use popular apps, like YouTube, Facebook or WhatsApp, for example. This way you will know if at that moment you can use these apps normally or if you can expect problems when you go to use them. It is also a good way to check if the connection is the cause of problems when using these apps.

Meteor interface

Meteor allows you also select which apps to enter in that list, so if there are apps that you use regularly on your Android phone and you want to see if your connection is good or stable to use them at that time, you can add them and always check this.

Meteor sections

In the app we have two more sections in addition to the test: map and history. On the map you will be able to see the locations where you have carried out your connection speed tests, whether you have done them at home, at work or elsewhere. This option can be useful if you have mostly tested your mobile data, to see if there are sites where its speed was noticeably worse. The history section shows us all the tests we have done.

How to download Meteor on Android

Meteor is an application that we can download for free on Android, available in the Google Play Store. Inside the application we do not have purchases or advertisements of any kind, for a comfortable use of it.

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