The application of the time most beautiful is bought by Apple and will disappear from Android

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Dark Sky is one of the most beautiful to see the time, an application that came several years ago to Android and that, despite not being available officially in Spain, you could enjoy by downloading the APK file.

The team that created this app is for celebration, and is that from now on, are incorporated to Apple. This movement, although positive for them, leaves us with a negative consequence, and is that Android will lose this great application. What is it that has happened?

Apple purchase Dark Sky and disappears from Android

Apple is today one of the companies most powerful in the market, and that allows you to focus resources on internal developments, whether developing from scratch or by acquiring teams that have already proven to be excellent.

The application of the time most beautiful is bought by Apple and will disappear from Android 1

Sometimes, these acquisitions are designed to ensure that the team that has created an application that follow are devoted to it, such as Cupertino did with Shazam. On other occasions, come changes that may not like each other.

This has been confirmed by the own team of Dark Sky, indicating that, from now on, incorporated into Apple, taking the opportunity to go even further. Without them to explain them to you, the message it gives us to think that Dark Sky will end up being the native app time to iOS, because that Dark Sky is by far much better including the iPhone by default.

What will happen with the application of Dark Sky:

  • iOS: The application will continue running and will continue to be sold in the App Store at its price of $ 3.99.
  • Android Wear OS: Applications are no longer available in Google Play. The users, who are subscribed will be able to continue using the application until July 1, the date on which it will stop working definitely.
    • Subscriptions that are completed beyond this date will receive a refund.
  • Website: Will continue to users until July 1, 2020. Beyond this date, the website will only work to provide information to the iOS app.
  • API: For the clients of the API, nothing changes, although no longer accept new registrations. This service will close by the end of 2021.

For us, as Android users, we hate to the launch of Dark Sky, while we are happy that your great work is recognized. And if at any time the app returns to Android, we will celebrate again.

The input to the application of The time most beautiful is bought by Apple, and it will disappear from the Android appears first in Android Free.