The app to scan documents with cloud service

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It is one of the most popular programs for this utility, with millions of downloads that carries many lights, but also some shadows. We are going to review all the functions of this application and the way to scan documents with this tool.

CamScanner PDF Scanner, Document Scanner
CamScanner PDF Scanner, Document Scanner

All CamScanner Features

CamScanner is one of the best tools for scanning and saving documents of all kinds. It allows you to scan using your mobile’s camera app or its own, which also includes framing, orientation and other aids that will improve the final result.

The quality of the final document, which may be in PDF or JPG format, it can be adjusted, and along with auto cropping and enhancement effects, CamScanner achieves really good results. Scanned documents can be edited after the process, adding notes, custom watermarks, annotations, there is the option to protect the PDF with a password and if the plugin is installed OCR (Optical Character Recognition) you can extract text from images to edit it in the style of Google Lens.

camscanner menu

But CamScanner does not stop there, since if we create a free user account, we will have space in the cloud to store our documents and to be able to access them from any other device or on the PC through the web version. It also serves as a tool collaborative, we can share and invite other people to view and comment on the same document.

It is a very powerful tool and almost essential on any Android, since it can get us out of more than one hurry. It has two versions in Play, one free in Google Play, which includes advertising and the documents will have a watermark, and the license that will unlock the full version (it is necessary to have the free version installed for it to work. The latter includes high resolution scans , no ads or watermarks and integration with Evernote and Skydrive.

How this app scans documents

When you open CamScanner for the first time you will come across this interface. You have a blank space in which all the scans will be added, and at the bottom right the icon of a camera. If you just want to scan a document, click on that icon and you will go to a screen like that of a camera.

camscanner scanner

On this screen you have to pay special attention to the two elements that we point out above. They are the two main options. The one with an icon that looks like two squares is the one to scan several documents, perfect for when you have several papers that belong to the same. And the icon on the right, the one with only a square, is single or single document mode.

On the main page you click on the camera, and on the next screen you choose the individual or multi-document mode, you aim for the camera to focus well and shoot. The application will immediately recognize the page you have wanted to scan, although allowing you to edit its perimeter in case there were any errors. However, artificial intelligence knows how to interpret the limits of the paper quite well, although the adjustable frame does not allow to refine it much more.

camscanner editor

Once the clipping is done, we can do something else before finishing with the name of the document. Below the picture we have several filters like those of Instagram to adjust its enhancement and grayscale and choose how you want it to look, although there is also a settings button in which we can edit this in more detail. We also find options such as a magnifying glass to zoom in and OCR text.

But also, CamScanner allows you to import images to pass them through your scanner. On the main screen, there is a three-dot icon with which to display the options. Between them there is a call Import from Gallery with which you can choose one of your photos to pass it through the CamScanner filter.

CamScanner, is it safe?

Kaspersky has been alerting Google to the presence of malware in this scanning application for quite some time. The malware affected the user of this application with annoying ads and subscriptions to services not made by him, so Google proceeded to remove it from its portfolio of applications. Not only that, but it sent a message to all the devices they were installed on.

camscanner cloud

At the time, the company published a statement acknowledging the incident and promising that they would solve the problem so that its document scanning application would be operational again and continue to harvest downloads as before. In fact, it returned to the store for its official download, since the app was updated not to believe risks.