The antithesis of the bargain: a luxury Android mobile that you will not want

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Caviar Origin

Caviar is not only a delicatessen For many people in Spain, it is also a brand known for its luxurious versions of phones. Last year for example they left us with a very special and excessive edition of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip. This time we are left with our own phone, an original model, although inspired by another brand.

This Caviar Origin is inspired by Vertu design, the now defunct luxury smartphone brand. It is inspired by the design of those models with the brand’s keyboard, although this device uses Android, simply to be able to include WhatsApp in it.

Caviar Origin: a luxurious model with Android

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Caviar phone users they have WhatsApp as their favorite app, which has been the main reason why this Origin has Android. Support for apps is the reason, so we will have WhatsApp, as well as other popular apps available on this device. The use of Android is something curious, because it does not seem that the phone has a touch panel, at least it is difficult to confirm it yet.

The brand has redesigned the interface to use programmable keys like in the old days, in addition to the standard keyboard, with which to write or enter phone numbers. It is not exactly a standard keyboard, as it is gold. The materials used in the phone are not yet known, because the photos and video belong to a prototype, in the absence of knowing the final model.

Caviar Origin design

This Caviar Origin will go on sale in the last quarter of this year according to the brand. The starting price of this device will be $ 1,000. It is not known what the maximum price it will have in any of its versions will be, but we can expect a high figure, since surely there will be some edition full of precious stones, as the brand is used to.

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