The Amazon Echo can now use Spotify podcasts in Spain

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Podcasts have grown in popularity a lot throughout this year. Between the fact that it was a product that little by little was getting into people’s daily lives and that the pandemic has left us all with more free time, more and more users are starting to listen to new programs.

Spotify podcasts are already on the Echos

The latest news from this market comes from the hand of Spotify, which is one of the biggest players since a few years ago it started betting on podcasts as a complement to music. He even has hit lists for these shows.

Starting today, Spotify users they will be able to listen to the podcasts of the platform directly on the Amazon Echo with Alexa. In order to use the skill from Spotify we have to activate it before, if we had not done it to listen to music, in this link or in the app.

The Amazon Echo can now use Spotify podcasts in Spain 1

We simply have to ask for the podcast we want to hear. We can also pause the episode you are listening to on an Echo device and continue listening to it on any other Spotify compatible device.

Some commands we can use

If we usually listen to podcasts it can be a good way to do it at home. Some of the commands we can use are:

  • Alexa, put on the latest episode of the Lowercase Movements podcast.
  • Alexa, pick up the Lowercase Movements podcast on Spotify.
  • Alexa, fast forward 30 seconds.
  • Alexa, next episode.

As you can see, in this way Spotify earns many integers by being a service in which to listen to podcasts comfortably not only on TV and mobile phones, but also on our smart speakers.

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