The alternative to the iPhone 12 mini could come from Sony

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The iPhone 12 Mini is now available in Spain since the beginning of this month of November, after its presentation at the beginning of that month. As is usual in Apple, they leave us with a very compact phone, with a screen of only 5.4 inches in size. This is an unusual size for Android phones, although Sony could change this soon.

During years, Sony has launched Compact models within its range of phones Xperia, like the XZ2 Compact. Although for two years now they have not launched devices within that range, but the firm is working on a new Compact model, which could be official very soon.

A new Sony Xperia Compact on the go

New compact Sony

Sony is currently working on a new compact phone, which some speculate could be called the Xperia 1 III Compact. It would be a phone within the mid-range with 5G, which I would use a Snapdragon 775 processor, which is not official yet, but it would be one of the new 5G chips within Qualcomm’s mid-range for next year.

This device would come with a 5.5 inch size screen, a much more compact design than we are currently used to in Android, where most phones easily exceed 6 inches in size. It would be the phone with which the brand would make its return to this compact segment, thus competing with models like the iPhone 12 Mini.

It was in 2018 when the last model within the Compact line hit the market. This range of Sony phones kept the specifications of its most powerful models, but in a much more compact format, with panels 5 or 5.5 inches in size. Many users miss these types of phones and now that Apple is betting again on having a model of this format, it could be a time for its return to the market.

At the moment these are rumors, which have not been confirmed. We will have to wait a little longer to find out if Sony really works on the return of its compact models to the market or not.

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