The affordable Nokia 2.3 begins to upgrade to Android 10

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Nokia is one of the brands that best deals to its users at the time of update mobile. It is true that, like all of them, usually prioritize mobile over new, but does not leave of side the most economic, as we see today. The Nokia 2.3, a terminal that came a few months ago, even Spain, has started to be updated to the latest version of the system.

This strategy of the company is not new, and we have already seen in previous models, also in economic terms, be updated. The best example is the Nokia 2.2 you started receiving the Android 10 a few days ago. Yes, it is expected the update of the Nokia 2.3 to primes trimesrte and has been delayed a few weeks.

An update for the stages pair the Nokia 2.3

The affordable Nokia 2.3 begins to upgrade to Android 10

As is logical, the Eet of Android do not come blow to all of the units sold, but is distributed between several days to have time to locate potential failures.

For the moment we will launch a first wave that includes dozens of countries, but that is not Spain. From today to the 26th of this month, in four days, all Nokia 2.3 of these markets will receive Android 10.

After that the company will start with the second wave, where it could be Spain. However, there are no announced dates.

Next to the update of the system includes the security patch of march 2020, and as is logical, all new interface and features of Android 10. These include dark mode, the new gestures…

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The firmware takes up a little more than 1 GB and, as always, it is recommended to be connected to a Wifi network and have at least 50% of the battery of the terminal to begin the installation.

The entrance to The affordable Nokia 2.3 begins to upgrade to Android 10 appears first in Android Free.