The action game developed by Zeptolab

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Table of Contents

Robotics! is an action fighting game is developed by Zeptolab, a company already well known by the Android community for its other popular works such as Cut the Rope, Om Nom or CATS: Crash Arena, which is undoubtedly the title that most closely resembles this latest creation.


Robotics !, create your own combat robot

It is not a normal fighting game, but we will be the engineers of our own robot. The title begins with a simple tutorial to know how to control the robot in the most basic movements. The funny thing is that we do not have full control of the machine, but we program their movements and the robot will reproduce them.

robotics!  tutorial

Little by little, we start with a bipedal robot but as we win fights, we will go equipping it with more elements such as legs, arms with grip, swords, pistols and other similar gadgets. After the tutorial, the game gives us a laser sword to start in the first fights, but we must earn coins to improve it, as well as teach more complex movements such as jumps or different pirouettes.

Crazy fighting in Robotics!

The items are completely online, since the title does not have more game modes. Also, they are in PvP format, so we face real players from all over the world. During the fighting, we do not have control of what happens in it, nor of the movements that our robot makes. Therefore, we have a countdown to program movements both the arms and the arms that move the robot.

robotics!  improvements

These automatic and spontaneous movements give rise to situations of all kinds, be they hilarious or surprising. In short, a very random development in which there is never a favorite, even with better equipment. This is not the case in the duration of the game, since it has some presses to the ends of the screen that will be closed as the combat is not resolved. Whoever manages to be above the rival, will have the certainty of winning, because the opponent will explode crushed by those junk rammers.

robotics!  combat

The sensations that the game transmits to us are very good, since it does not require effort or concentration to win, simply by programming movements. Second, the development of fighting is random and short, so the gameplay becomes very addictive. Finally, we have numerous scenarios to combat, in addition to special events and tournaments to participate according to our belt color, like karate. To put a downside, we would say that there is a way to compete against friends, that would suit Robotics great!