The 6 secret shortcuts of the Google app

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Table of Contents

The 6 secret shortcuts of the Google app 1

The Google app is an essential tool for Android users in Spain. It is an application that they use regularly on their phones, so knowing tricks with which to make better use of this application is something that many seek. One element that stands out in it are the shortcuts, which allow faster use.

There are some shortcuts that are unknown to many Android users who have the Google app installed on their phones. Here we show you these six secret shortcuts, which we can place on the home screen, for better use of the app and its services on Android.

Secret shortcuts in the Google app

The 6 secret shortcuts of the Google app 2

The Google app has many shortcuts, although it is important to know that the first time we use it we are offered this shortcut or access. The problem is that if we have rejected it the first time, the application will not ask us again if we want to add this access to the home screen, so if there is one that interests us, it is important to accept the first time. In case of rejecting, you have to delete the data from the app and carry out the search again, so that they will suggest it to us again.

There is a total of six shortcuts that we can use in the application, which will give us access to certain functions or searches in a much easier way. Some shortcuts that we can add to the home screen on Android.


Google app shortcuts

The Google Dictionary It is the first that you can try. The first time you search for the definition of a word in the search engine, you will get a small pop-up at the bottom of the screen, asking if you want to add a shortcut to the dictionary on the home screen. With this shortcut you will be able to search for definitions of words more quickly when you have doubts.

If you simply search for Weather in the Google app, or time in your city, you will get the card from the application itself. If you click on the icon with the three vertical dots, you will get an option that is to add to the home screen. So you can have the signature time service on your Android always available and check the weather in your city or wherever you are.

Word coach it’s a fun way to test your English skills. It is presented as a good way to improve your level of English and also discover new words. If you want, you can add a shortcut to the home screen on your phone. To do this you just have to look for the icon of a phone with a diagonal arrow.

Google App Shortcuts

Another shortcut we can use in the Google app is Google Travel. Although we cannot currently go on vacation, it may be that next year we will be able to travel again. If you go to and go to the Travel tab, when you go down to the end you will find an option called “Go back to your trips at any time” and there you have a button to click on add direct access. So you will have your trips on the home screen.

If you want have your reminders always on the home screen, there is a shortcut available in the Google app. All you have to do is enter this link, from the browser, and there select the option to add direct access to the home screen.

The last shortcut is the Collections. These collections are made up of everything you have saved, such as web pages or images, to always have direct access to them. If you enter this link, you can go to the option to add to the home screen and thus have this direct access available on your Android mobile.

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