The 3D map world’s largest: the plan of the creators of Pokémon GO

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The 3D map world's largest: the plan of the creators of Pokémon GO 1

Niantic is the company behind games as popular as Pokémon GO, or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, two games that make use of augmented reality, a field in which the company seeks to give important steps. It has announced the purchase of, a company unknown to most, but that is one of the firms leading in the field of augmented reality.

With the help of this company, Niantic is going to build the 3D map, world’s largest, looking to give a new impetus to the augmented reality. In their press release, the company talks about creating augmented reality experiences to the global level. An ambitious project and promising.

Create a 3D map of the world

The 3D map world's largest: the plan of the creators of Pokémon GO 2

Niantic already works with in the creation of a dynamic map in 3D of the world. Thanks to this map seeks to enable all kinds of new augmented reality experiences, on a global level. This allows you to be near to create a platform that will give the opportunity to any developer to create content for hardware augmented reality present and future. was founded in 2017born within the Active Vision Lab of the University of Oxford. This company has developed technologies based on computer vision and development tools that solve fundamental problems of AR. Their developments are of importance for a firm like Niantic, as they allow you to work in new reality experiences augmented, in addition to providing a platform for developers, who can make their ideas a reality.

The company believes that it has barely scratched the surface of everything that augmented reality can be assumed and their possible applications. From have shown to be ambitious, because in their press release on their website, mention that to make it possible for augmented reality to become the platform on which you run all of your apps, you need someone reliable and independent to do this, something that have found in Niantic.

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These improvements could give new life to a game such as Pokémon GO, based on the augmented reality. As it could be experience the habitats of Pokémon in the real world, or see dragons fly through the sky and landing sites or getting our favorite characters teach us the best corners of the city. It will be very interesting to see how they use it in games such as Pokémon GO, which now make it easier to play from home.

Niantic has not said when it will be this 3D map the world is ready, only is given to understand that currently work in the. Surely soon we will have more news on this ambitious project, which could change the augmented reality in a remarkable way.

The entrance to The 3D map world’s largest: the plan of the creators of Pokémon GO first appears in The Android Free.