Test VideoProc for recording, editing and conversion of 4K video

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The cameras action like GoPro and drones as those marketed by DJI, perhaps the most popular manufacturers in both categories, we have provided spectacular videos in recent times. In fact, we have been able to contemplate flat recordings incredible risk activities in the first-person scenes or bird’s-eye view of inaccessible areas that before only we reached out to see if someone with expensive equipment and a complicated logistics, we decided to record. And all this thanks to the fact that this technology has become affordable for domestic use and there are many that have been released to buy your drone or your personal camera. What will you do? Are you one of them? As in the case of an affirmative VideoProc you will be very welcome for the further editing of the videos you record. Continue reading and towards the end of the article we will show you how to get a free license of VideoProc and the chance to win a GoPro Hero 7, the action camera more famous for travel and daily use.

Processes and resizes videos of GoPro 4K without losing quality

One of the main problems that we encounter time to time to process a video in order to adapt it to different formats or platforms is the loss of quality. VideoProc has been developed to to offer the maximum efficiency using the hardware acceleration including actions of editing, transcoding, resizing, and adjustment of different parameters. These functions of video processing envisaged in the scenarios most common for that you would want to process and resize a video:

  • Upload a 4K video to YouTube.
  • Share a 4K video on Instagram or Snapchat.
  • Send a 4K video by e-mail.
  • To store a 4K movie on a hard drive or in the cloud.

Video editing with VideoProcVideo editing with VideoProc

For this is supported in six different methods to execute the processing of the video without loss of quality in the recording:

  • Method 1: converts video format HEVC to H. 264.
  • Method 2: compress 4K to 1080p.
  • Method 3: cut out all the parts not desired by the user, to reduce the duration.
  • Method 4: adjusts the sound parameters of the video.
  • Method 5: eliminates the audio tracks.
  • Method 6: cuts the video into small parts.

Video conversion with VideoProcVideo conversion with VideoProc

For all of them with a menu of options that are very full where the user can carry out suitable adjustments in a very simple way. And is that it is not necessary to have advanced knowledge in treatment videonor much less. This contributes to an intuitive interface where you can achieve each and every one of its functions with just a few clicks.

The 4 major functions of VideoProc

But although up to now I have spoken of the video processing, this is only one of the 4 main functions of this tool which extends its utility to other purposes, becoming this way in a suite excellent for the multi-media work:

  • Video download: with this feature you’ll be able to download streaming videos or live, playlists, full channels or music portals such as YouTube and websites such as Facebook, among many others. Allows you to download them in different formats and resolutions.
  • DVD conversion and backup: VideoProc can also work with DVDs, converting its content to MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3… can also convert them and prepare them to adapt them to iPhone, iPad, Android, or YouTube, among others. In addition, it has the function to do backups in DVD.
  • Screen recorder: do you want to make a videotutorial or become youtuber? It is not a problem because VideoProc offers the possibility of both record everything that happens on the screen of the computer as a record of what films the webcam. In addition, you can add elements such as pictures, text or diagrams during the recording.

The main functions of VideoProcThe main functions of VideoProc

Take advantage of the limited offer!

Now you can get the software taking advantage of a unique offer. Use the coupon discount VideoProc available at the website of the offer and get the lowest price of the year. For 27,95 euros you’ll get a full license of the software for life, no matter you use Windows or Mac since it is compatible with any of the two operating systems.

What are the advantages? Therefore be able to use all the functions of VideoProc without limits of any kind and of course free updates to the latest version of the software so that you can take advantage of all the new features and improvements that are introduced. In addition, you will get official support for always and best of all is that it is not necessary that you spend your money blindly: its creators offer up to a 30-day guarantee so that you can try to fund their functions and pay for them only if you really get what you’re looking for.

What is the best settings for my GoPro?





1080p60, Wide FOV; 2.7K60, Wide FOV

1080p60, Wide FOV; 2.7K120, Wide FOV; 4K60, Wide FOV

Cycling and Mountain Biking

1080p60, SuperView FOV; 1440p60, Wide FOV

1080p60, SuperView FOV; 1440p60, Wide FOV; 2.7K60 4:3, Wide FOV

Travel and family

1080p60, Wide or Linear FOV; 2.7K60, Wide FOV

1080p60, Wide or Linear FOV; 4K60, Wide FOV


1080p60, Linear FOV; 2.7K60, Linear FOV; 4K30, Wide FOV

1080p60, Linear FOV; 4K60, Wide FOV


1440p30, Wide FOV; 2.7K30 4:3, Wide FOV

1440p30, Wide FOV; 4K30 4:3, Wide FOV


1080p60, SuperView FOV

1080p60, SuperView FOV; 2.7K60 4:3, Wide FOV

Sports in the snow (not POV)

1080p120, Wide FOV

1080p120, Wide FOV; 1080p240, Wide FOV; 2.7K120, Wide FOV; 4K60, Wide FOV

Sports in the snow (POV)

1440p60, Wide FOV

1440p60, Wide FOV; 2.7K60 4:3, Wide FOV


1080p120, Wide FOV

1080p240, Wide FOV; 1440p120, Wide FOV

Diving and scuba diving

1080p60, Wide FOV

1080p60, Wide FOV; 4K60, Wide FOV

Water sports

1080p120, Wide FOV

1080p120, Wide FOV

An application such as VideoProc can improve the quality of video recorded with one of these cameras in the post-processing, but with the proper settings for the type of video that you’re about to record will the quality be better. By way of reference to what you have in mind, in this table you can consult what is the best settings for GoPro HERO5 and GoPro HERO6 in relation to the activity you carry out: next to the appropriate settings and VideoProc you’ll get the greatest grades with the videos you record with your GoPro camera. itTest already VideoProc totally free!