test this management game free for Android

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And what exactly is it that you can use to achieve the goal that you set? As a thriving city that generates incomes, and an army that you should pay attention, because you must do it to grow as the challenges that await you are significant. And, all this, what you’ll achieve if you have a control of the increase in money and wheat as the costs that exist (such as for example improving the life of kingdoms, vassals, or having it launch you into a campaign to defeat the traitors or if it gets to shooting a new territory that it is possible to conquer.

One of the good news is that the requirements of this game are not very high, but neither is the one that least needs to function proficiently. Thus, the recommendation that we make to the time to play the Game of Sultans is that they have a terminal with Android that includes a processor eight cores and that the RAM amounts to 3 GB. In the opposite case, it is possible to experience lag and, this, is not especially positive. Something that we believe is very positive in the game we are talking about is that it is translated, which is always a good detail to make things easier.

With respect to learning, it is necessary to comment that includes a wizard to learn quickly the processes of use of the user interface. But, I must say, this is not the development which has the smallest learning curve possible… and this is something that should be taken into account, since there’s a time to get the most out of the Game of Sultans. By the way, something that we do think is positive is that the stability the development is excellent and you will not find bugs to use it.

Many options to play the Game of Sultans

One of the first things that you should be aware of this development is that, in addition to being a title where the management is important, it also has some elements of role-playing. These are given by the increase of the characteristics directors that they are dependent on, for example. In addition, also to keep alive the line dynastic for that your lineage is maintained in the power or the know the visions a witch and make them a reality (which gives materials and money) are other possibilities offered by the Game of Sultans.

Not missing battles to the game, but these are executed automatically so that the great concern that you have is to have a good number of soldiers available for your troops to always be greater than the opponent’s because it all happens automatically. Curious that in some cases are facing the leaders of the troops. In a similar way as it did in ancient Greece, and the victor has almost all the win to defeat the enemies of the kingdom.

Finally, it is indicated that the investment in better life of the vassals and the concubines are vital, since they depend on that don’t have domestic rivals and, also, that the happiness of the empire is the best possible.


The truth is that this is a management game fairly complete, but has a higher difficulty of the desirable in the beginning… but, after this time, the truth is that it makes quite the development, and does that give a chance to this game free (both in Galaxy Store dome in Play Store) worth pretty worth it.