Test the free app Gym workout to do sport at home

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This is a work simple that has as a goal that everyone can do sport, comfortable to make the different parts of the body are exercised. So, in Gym workout you’ll be able to find from the that it improves your arms and legs and even the abdomen and back. The interface achieves the objective of not be a handicap in normal use… and what you get. But, what is certain, is that it could be a little more worked here the development, because in our judgment it is quite simple and unattractive what is seen on the screen.

Start screen of the app Gym workout

One thing to keep in mind is that none of the contents that exist in the work is translated. And, while it is not a very serious problem in general, yes that is something that makes one be able to dismiss this work despite the fact that the videos do not need this apr be useful. It is noteworthy, however, that this is not an application very demanding in what it has to do with the requirements, as in models of four cores and 2 GB of RAM everything works correctly. Important: the Internet connection is required, since in the opposite case, the reproductions may not be made.

It is noteworthy that the use of the development is quite easy, because you just have to click on one of the three sections (the higher the number the more complex the workouts), and between the routines of existing to choose the one that you want to make to improve a body part. Then, appears the result of the videos existing, admittedly the amount is really high so that repeat training is not something that usually happens. And, in that moment, you just have to start to imitate what they see on the screen. So simple is all.

Videos, the best Gym workout

In the tests you see done the use of videos does not give any problems as long as you have connectionsince it is WiFi or through the use of mobile data. The case, is that the exercises that you will appreciate are simple to follow and, therefore, there is to be an expert to get a good match to the contents of the application. Something that we believe is important to the time positive that is, if is possible, send what you see to a tv experience you get is much better. One example is, to go no further afield, take advantage of the Chromecast.

use of video in the app Gym workout

With playback options that are the usual, so no one is lost (if you go away the controls simply tap the screen for to see you all again), it is important to know that in paragraph three sessions are more complex -you can even need machines or weights to follow them – and, therefore, this is the most professional. But, what is certain is that the existing in the above two sufficient and doesnt need to be able to follow a good workout from home with a specific job of the different parts of the body.


What is certain is that it has sections that should improve this work, it is evident (especially in everything that has to do with the user interface), but due to the large amount of videos that are included is not a bad option -and, at the same time, simple – to maintain a good physical tone with routines that the vast majority of them can be performed without problems in the house thanks to the multimedia contents that it offers.