Test and use options of the application gratu9ota Android WiFi Booster

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Table of Contents

The truth is that the use of WiFi networks has become the capital with the devices that use operating system Androidsince already a few apps that do not need Internet access to take full advantage of them (as for example social networks or games). Therefore, to be connected to a suitable point and that it is beneficial to accelerate everything that we do (or do not suffer delays) is basic. And in this helps in a way simple and intuitive the work that we talk about.

Well it is true that WiFi Booster is not translated, but taking into account that there is not much text that is to be read with care, this is not exactly a big problem. On the contrary, the design of all the sections and options of use is excellent, because at a glance you know of clear form what that has to do with the development to put it to use and take advantage of what it offers. Therefore. in usability, it is emphasized in this work because it is well thought out and executed.

High reliability, best WiFi Booster

This is something that is present in two aspects of the work. On the one hand, the stability that has to run it is high (even when left in the background), so that you will not find an unexpected shutdown, or malfunction. And this is so even in the model which are not powerful, because we have tested the development in terminals with 2 GB of RAM and we have not detected go to change our opinion.

On the other hand, and this we have liked enough, in the list of available WiFi networks there are in the place that it is. The information of the best, which are those that are placed on the top of the list, is really accurate and reliable… much more than what you see in the own Settings of the smartphone or tablet with Android. Therefore, it is worth the case to what you see in WiFi Booster and this way you will always be connected to what they are best at you will come to access the Internet.

Fast and without complications

The first is one of the great virtues that you have the application of which we speak, since in a matter of seconds you can see everything you need to be clear what is the connection option that is worth the effort. In addition to establishing positions for power and recommendation, you can also see more concrete data as the protection that they offer (for the encryption), and, also, the MAC address of the network. Therefore, it was clearly shown superior to what you can see in the WiFi settings of the phone or the tablet.

And how do you get all this? Because it is all very easy since you just press in the central space of the home screen begins the scan and, simply, you must wait until the results are displayed in a list… where you click on each one to see more additional data. By the way, part of what has been commented on also includes a tool that reviews the applications open and close the unnecessary torque that the working of WiFi Booster is the best possible (and this, in addition, also allows the operation terminal to be optimal).


This is a development which, because of its simplicity and stabilityis not a bad idea to take it installed in the terminals with Android. Not that I have many options, but the reliability of the information it shows is very high. A good way to optimize the access to wireless networks, so it’s worth giving him a chance to WiFi Booster.