Ten emergency games that you will find on an Android mobile, without installing anything (and some extra)

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Ten emergency games that you will find on an Android mobile, without installing anything (and some extra)

There are times when you need to relax or distract yourself with a game on your mobile, but just at that moment you do not have any games installed on your mobile. Search e install an interesting game It is a good option, but if you are looking for something faster and without installing anything, the good news is that you already have several games on your Android mobile.

We have called them the emergency games: small games that are integrated into various Android applications that you may have on your mobile and that, in many cases, don’t even need an Internet connection. And it is that, sometimes it is time to play Genshin Impact, and other times Dino Run is enough.

Dino Run in Google Chrome


Dino Run is the popular dinosaur minigame built into Google Chrome and appearing when you run out of internet connection. To play, you need to touch on the dinosaur that appears above the error message, although you can also access it when you are connected, entering chrome://dino/.

The objective of Dino Run is simple: jump the cacti that you meet along the way and exceed your maximum score. To jump, on the mobile you must tap with your finger anywhere on the screen.

Google’s jumping cloud


Like Google Chrome, the Google application has its own minigame that appears when you run out of internet connection. Is about a flappy bird clone in which you take control of a jumping cloud that must avoid the birds that are on the way.

This minigame is accessible when you do a search in the Google application and there is no Internet conection, at which point a cloud icon is displayed in the error message. Of course, it must be a time when you have run out of Internet connection, because if you simply activate airplane mode, the error is different and the minigame does not appear.

Hot Air Balloon on Google Play


One of the latest Easter egg minigames that Google has introduced in its applications is Hot Air Ballon, on Google Play. Like the previous two, this minigame appears when you are without an Internet connection, in Google Play, although it is not yet active for all users.

The concept of the game is similar to the two previous minigames. You control a balloon that goes up without stopping, and you must move it by sliding sideways to dodge spike platforms, while collecting coins.

The Android Easter Egg

Easter egg

If you have an Android mobile, you have an easter egg. Depending on the version of Android you have, you will get a different easter egg. Those of the most recent versions of Android are somewhat more incomprehensible (that of Android 11 andIt’s a kitty collecting game and the Android 10 is a nonogram), but in an emergency, all games are welcome.

The minigame in question varies, but the way to activate it is almost always the same: go to the System Information section of the settings and touch several times on the android version. This will show the logo of that version of Android, on which you must touch several times to open the minigame.

Built-in games from Google Play Games

Integrated GamesGoogle

If you are looking for something a little more elaborate, in Google Play Games, an application that you probably already have installed on your mobile, you have a good collection of minigames such as solitaire, PAC-MAN, snake or minesweeper.

You will find them in the Home tab, under the section Built-in Google Games. The best thing is that these games do not need an Internet connection and are already ready on the mobile, being ideal for emergencies. If you have an Internet connection, you will find many other instant games in Google Play Games, which need an Internet connection to access them (but they are not installed on the mobile).

Extra: Telegram games


Another way to access a good collection of simple games is through Telegram. The messaging application has long supported HTML5 minigames and you can find them on specific channels like @gamee.

To use them, you will need to be connected to the Internet, although playing one of these games is as easy as choosing one and starting to play. no need to download or install anything on mobile. The list of games is varied, although most of them are simple casual games.

Bonus: Facebook games


A similar offer is that of Facebook. In the Facebook Games section, accessible from the ☰ menu, you will see a list of instant games that you can enjoy without installing anything, as well as many other things. To see the list of games, click To play, on the top bar.

The list of Facebook games is quite extensive and is cataloged by categories, so that it will be easy for you to find card games, construction, puzzles and any other specific type that you can use without installing anything, from Facebook.

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Ten emergency games that you will find on an Android mobile, without installing anything (and some extra)

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Ten emergency games that you will find on an Android mobile, without installing anything (and some extra) 1

Ten emergency games that you will find on an Android mobile, without installing anything (and some extra) 2