Telegram takes advantage of the WhatsApp crisis: 25 million users in 3 days

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Last week WhatsApp showed a notice for all users of the app, also in Spain, reporting a change in your privacy conditions. For those users outside of Europe, it means that the messaging application will share more data with other companies in the Facebook group, something that has caused great controversy. Because of this, many users go to other apps like Telegram.

Telegram has become one of the great beneficiaries of the WhatsApp exodus. Thanks to the enormous growth in the number of users during the last 72 hours, the messaging application has achieved reach 500 million users all over the world.

Telegram takes advantage of the bad moment of WhatsApp


Telegram is sending a message to its users celebrating having reached 500 million users. The application reaches this figure after a little more than seven years in the market, presenting itself as the main alternative to WhatsApp worldwide. It was in April when the app managed to reach 400 million, so in these months they have grown rapidly.

Although it has been the last 72 hours that have been especially important for the messaging application. The controversy caused by WhatsApp With its change in privacy conditions, it is costing them the loss of millions of users outside Europe. Those users are looking for other messaging apps.

Applications such as Signal or Telegram are the ones that are benefiting the most from this bad moment of WhatsApp. In fact, Pavel Durov’s app has obtained 25 million new users in the last 72 hours. What is surprising is that many of these users, 27%, come from Europe, although they could come from outside the European Union. Asia and Latin America are the other markets where these users come from.

A moment that could be key for Telegram, which once again benefits from WhatsApp problems. WhatsApp had to step out of the controversy by explaining in more detail what its privacy change entails, in an attempt to stop this massive outflow of users, but it will be necessary to see if it works as expected.

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