TeAyudo, a free platform for help and to be helped with errands and more for neighbors in our community

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One of the great tragedies of the confinement are all those people who not only cannot leave the house, like all others, but, in addition, by their physical or circumstantial need of assistance not available to make the purchase, throw in the trash or walking the dog.

In that sense, we have seen different platforms citizens and companies born or organized during these days to connect to neighbors or volunteers who want to help in your city. In the last week it has launched TeAyudo, a platform with app for iOS and Android that is available in Spain (and will soon be launched internationally). Let’s see what you can offer during the confinement.

TeAyudo offers the possibility that the small trade is announced to bring the purchase to the neighbors

Teayudo So we may enroll as volunteers in TeAyudo

As it says Jorge Wool, spokesperson and co-founder of TeAyudo, “we did not know our neighbors and now we applaud together on the balconies. With TeAyudo, we can go a step further and offer to lend a hand to those in need”. In that sense, the application offers two options: “I need help” and “I want to help”.

That is to say, the platform acts as a meeting point for all people who want to helpthat may be many for solidarity and how we are strengthening ties these days, but also of the need. Not everything has to do with the material. In the early days of confinement, in Wallapop we got to see people offering the possibility to give classes free of charge to children in need. TeAyudo is a platform more suitable for that, and that gives better location data. In addition, neighbors can post information such as hours of pharmacies and supermarkets.

The conversations between users of TeAyudo are totally private

There are also people that even if it is by phone, because you don’t even have the internet, need to have a chat with you to get out of the new routine. It is a case in which we can help and ask for help from people who know him. Out of the ordinary, I was surprised that in TeAyudo also offers a space for small businesses to advertise their help in sharing for those who may not be able to leave the house to buy the basics.


All this, we can set it to the register: at what distance from our home, we can help, what help we can offer, or need, that is to say, online courses, shopping and errands, chores, and home repairs, etc, From the platform to urge the neighbors to use to share the app with other contacts to grow the network of people who help and are helped.

Jorge Lana has to Engadget that to be motivated by a social cause, TeAyudo is a platform completely free of charge, and there is no business model based on data: “Privacy is something very important for TeAyudo, it does not collect personal data beyond name, address and email to register. The data is collected to notify users of any new developments through newsletters. To prevent illicit uses, the platform is moderation.

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TeAyudo, a free platform for help and to be helped with errands and more for neighbors in our community

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TeAyudo, a free platform for help and to be helped with errands and more for neighbors in our community 1