Teamfight Tactics, the game Android League of Legends

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Table of Contents

Although the company has already registered in the Play Store, the name of their game franchise for the PC, in the interests of atterizar with force in the mobile market, this can be a good incoming with which to begin to master a strategy game from big height.

Teamfight Tactics, the strategy game LoL
Teamfight Tactics, the strategy game LoL

How to play Teamfight Tactics?

The players familiar to the title of PC will dominate it more prematurely, and is that it is based on Dota auto Chess, a mod of Dota 2. Consists in forming teams of 9 champions and fight in the board to be the last alive, defeating the rest of his rivals. What is certain is that thanks to some special object, you can get any champion extra to the team, but it is something that you are going to have to discover in the game.

teamfight tactics tutorial

The game goes by rounds. In each round, begins with pairing random between the two players, or one against the AI in the case of missing real players. The number of champions that survive the battle will have repercussions in the form of damage to the life of the opponent, although it will also influence the level of that hero. At the end of a complete round, each player will win an amount of gold that you can invest in depending on their interests, whether in climb experience points or buy another champion. You must also take into account the positioning, since the board is divided into cells, to put our champion in a strategic way.

teamfight tactics for champions

In the game you will find a function called “Shared Draft”, with which the players, by turns, will be able to choose a champion with object. Yes, the two players with the lowest health will be able to choose first, benefiting the most disadvantaged and thus equalize the game, which is an incentive for all the members.

Does not need to be an expert

On the other hand, unlike what it may seem, it is not a game designed for experts, LoL, who have had years of experience in this genre. On the contrary, offers a very simple interface and we do not stop to think too much, showing all the options in a way quite clear. In fact, at the time of registration, it shall not be necessary to have an account from Riot Games, you can simply the account that we have of Google.

teamfight tactics login

In addition, it offers a tutorial for learning the most basic concepts, and what equipment we can form depending on the champion who you have touched, thus avoiding jumping into an online game without having even a remote idea. In terms of the games, offer much more dynamism and have a shorter duration than those of League of Legends, something that we and the battery of the smartphone thanks. Also shows limitations in the content, but yes there is shopping built-in to move forward more quickly.

teamfight tactics gameplay

As we say, the game takes a little over a month since it was launched in the Play Store, so that is not exempt from failures and absences. Rather, it is the second, because the ease of choosing a champion is not the same as in the PC version, as it is not so easy to find information about the rivals. In addition, it is not possible to chat with friends that are connected, at least for the moment. These are aspects which are alleged Riot Games will be polished.