TCL will replace Android TV with Google TV in its new televisions

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In recent years, smart TVs have been taking over the market as more and more users are used to using video streaming applications and, lately, video game streaming as well.

This is the reason why I, personally, opted for a television with Android TV, being able to install applications without many problems or without having to wait long for them to be available.

Thanks to that I can use Stadia, for example, although officially there is no support yet.

TCL bets on Google TV

The latest company to make a move in this sector has been TCL, which in the framework of CES 2021 has announced that some of its new TVs this year will opt for the new Google platform instead of, as before, using Android TV .

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This movement is one of the few that have been made so far but Google has already announced that Google TV would be the future of Android TV, so it is normal that sooner rather than later other brands that have used Android TV in a normal way until now, Like Phillips, take the leap.

It remains to be seen that in addition to starting to use this new interface, which is little more than a launcher on top of Android TV, manufacturers will update previous models.

Remember that the new platform focuses much more on content than on applications, even hiding the icon of the Play Store in the case of the Chromecast with Google TV that we analyzed a few months ago.

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