Take advantage of Spotify by casting songs to Chromecast

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Take advantage of Spotify by casting songs to Chromecast 1

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music playback applications and if you want to enjoy it with more voice or with more options, it is common to we want to connect and listen to Spotify on Chromecast. For example, at a party with friends or to put background music on the TV. We explain how to do it step by step in any of the Google models and how you can send songs from your phone, tablet or computer.

With Chromecast

You do not need any previous configuration if you want to listen to Spotify on a conventional Chromecast, the “usual” model. We simply need the device to be connected to the same WiFi network as our mobile phone or tablet from which we will send the content to Spotify. Automatically, as you can see in the images, it will give us the option to reproduce it in one or the other.

On mobile

To be able to send Spotify music to the Chromecast you must go to the playback screen in the music service app. Open the player in large and tap on the screen and speaker icon in the lower left corner. Here we will see where we are listening and what other devices are available. You will be able to see all the Chromecast devices that you have connected and it is recommended that you put a name to each of them to know which one to send it to. You just have to touch and automatically music will be sent to it.

We control it from the mobile phone, tablet or computer as long as we do not change the listening device. You can change as many times as you want and from one to another thanks to the Cast function that Spotify incorporates. This is compatible both from iOS and Android, from your phone or from your tablet.

Listen on Chromecast (2)

In the computer

On the computer, we can also send Spotify content to be heard on the Chromecast without having to have a phone or installing the app. If you have the desktop app You can go to the lower right corner where you will see the icon mentioned before: an icon of a screen and a speaker. Touch on it and you will see that the drop-down opens “Connect a device.”

If your computer is connected to the same network as other devices, you will see all that are available and you can send it to the one you want. In our case, to the Chromecast through “Google Cast”. When done, a green bar on the bottom of Spotify it will show us that it is playing on Chromecast.


Chromecast with Google TV

The Google device launched at the end of 2020 allows us to turn any television into a smart tv so we do not have to send content from mobile Instead, you automatically open the application and listen to the music you want. You just have to install it on the Chromecast and log in with your username and password.

The first thing we must do is go to the Chromecast applications menu once we have already connected it to our account and we have registered with our email, as is essential when installing this device. When you have it all, go to Applications and look for the section “Music and audio” between categories. Although it may vary from one device to another, the most common is that “Spotify Music for TV” comes first or among the first. Tap on it to install.


Wait a few seconds for it to download and a menu will appear where you can register or log in. Choose the first one: “Log in” and you will see a screen with the steps in which you can use the Spotify application to log in.

  • Make sure your phone and TV are on the same network
  • Open the Spotify app on your phone
  • On the phone, put a song and click on the device icon
  • Choose your tv and start listening


Send from mobile

Once you have done this, we go to the mobile phone and play the song we want. At the bottom of the screen we will see an icon where we can choose where we reproduce according to Spotify Connect, which allows us to control content remotely if we are connected to the same WiFi. Go to this button and all available devices will open …

You will see the Chromecast but also others like Google Home speakers that we have at home or on your computer if you have started the Spotify session on it. Choose Chromecast and it will automatically start playing on TV until you decide. If you want to pause it, you can do it not only using the Chromecast remote but also from the phone.

Listen on Chromecast

We do not necessarily need the mobile to control the music, but we can do it from the remote control of the Chromecast using the Spotify search engine to find the song we want, for example, or by controlling playback to go to a list, to a specific track, to an album or to an artist.

We just have to log in to our session and use the button Google Assistant on Chromecsat to choose what we want. Or use the keys to find it.

Send from computer

As in the case that we have explained with the conventional Chromecast, the Google TV also allows us the option to send from the computer if we have the same WiFi network or same network connected to both devices. We simply have to tap on the icon in the lower right corner, as before.

Here we have another option beyond choosing “Chromecast” with Google Cast as we have done before. You will see that if you have a device with Google TV, two options appear: Listening to Chromecast with Google Cast / Listening to Chromecast with Spotify Connect. Spotify Connect allows us to send the sound to any device that also has the app, we do not control it only remotely but you can do it in the application itself, as we have explained.

Music on Spotify

Link music services in Home

You will have to mark Spotify as the default application from the Home application if you want Google to choose it when you ask for a specific song. This must be done from the corresponding application and it will not only be used on the Chromecast but will also apply if you have a Google Home at home or on Google Nest. Linking it to Home will not only allow us to listen to music on the Chromecast from the own application or “sending” the music but you can use a Google speaker to say “ok Google, play the song as in Chromecast” without using the device’s remote to search for it, for example. This will make it easier for us to listen to anything.

Make sure your mobile phone is connected to the same network Wifi or linked to the same account as your Chromecast, something that you may have done before to connect the device to the mobile if you have. If so, you must follow a few easy steps in the application to link them

  • Open the Home app on your mobile phone
  • Go to your account in the upper right corner
  • Check that it is the one from the Chromecast
  • Go back to the principal screen
  • Go to the upper left corner
  • Tap on the “+” that you will see in this corner
  • Scroll to “Manage services”
  • Here tap on “Music”


Once we get to this screen you will see that it says “Your music services.” And Google states: “The Assistant will use this provider by default when prompted to play music. However, you can also play music from other providers if you specify so ”. Here, you will be able to see which ones you have activated or in which you have an account. Choose “Spotify” by checking the point on the right to make it appear as the default.

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