Sygic maps come to Android Auto to compete against Google

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Sygic maps come to Android Auto to compete against Google 1

Users in Spain with Android Auto can choose between two applications when browsing: Google Maps or Waze. A fairly limited selection and in addition, both applications are owned by Google. Fortunately, users will have a third application to choose from with the arrival of Sygic, a GPS navigation app that has been on the market for quite some time.

Sygic is now available in beta form for Android Auto, although at the moment a limited number of users have access to it. The stable version is expected to be released soon, for users to choose which navigation application they want to use in their cars.

Sygic comes to Android Auto

Sygic Android Auto

Sygic is a navigation application that many users prefer to alternatives such as Google Maps or Waze. One of the keys to this application is that it allows surf without internet connection, an aspect that allows its use in all kinds of situations. In addition to being better than the options that apps like Google Maps give to download the maps to use later offline, which are more limited.

That is why the launch of this app for Android Auto is good news for those users who were waiting an alternative to current navigation apps.Although you have to wait a while until its stable version is released, although the new beta, with number 19, can be downloaded in the form of APK.

In the photos you can see how Sygic looks in Android Auto, with a simple interface, which will not distract the user. It offers relevant information, so that navigation can be followed at all times, but without losing sight of the road.

Sygic Android Auto interface

It was earlier this year when Google announced that third-party navigation applications were to be supported in Android Auto and the arrival of Sygic is already mentioned. The app will thus become the first third-party application to arrive officially. They will not be the only ones, since Google works with more firms, although at the moment it is not known which apps will finally arrive.

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