SwiftKey’s dark mode adapts to your mobile’s theme automatically

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SwiftKey cover

SwiftKey is still one of the most popular keyboards among Android users in Spain, despite the fact that it has been losing some of its presence in the market, compared to others such as Gboard. It is a keyboard that continues to improve thanks to many new functions that are coming to it, something that also happens in its new beta.

SwiftKey beta leaves us with an important improvement in the keyboard, since it is in the same where finally keyboard integration with dark mode introduced of the system. Thus, if you have the dark mode on your phone, the keyboard will be integrated into it.

Dark Mode Integration Comes to SwiftKey

SwiftKey light mode and dark mode

Thanks to this beta, which we can download now on Android from the Play Store, this integration of Android’s dark mode in SwiftKey is made available to users. Keyboard it will integrate with the mode you have on the phone every moment, be it light mode or dark mode. You will not have to do anything for the keyboard to change its mode, but it will do so automatically.

This keyboard already had dark mode for a while, but until now it was something that had to be managed manually. So if you had the dark mode activated on your phone, the keyboard remained with its light mode and you had to activate said mode yourself, something that ended up being annoying, especially if you have a dark mode that is activated every day at a time. specific time.

This is a change that without looking too important, will allow a more comfortable use of the keyboard on Android, by not having to configure the mode in it manually. SwiftKey integrates well with the mode you are using on your Android phone at all times. To enjoy this enhancement to the Microsoft keyboard, you just have to download its beta with number, available in the Play Store now:

SwiftKey’s Dark Mode entry adapts to your mobile’s theme automatically appears first in Free Android.