Sweno: the fiber and mobile operator of El Corte Inglés is official

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Sweno Corte Ingles MasMovil

El Corte Inglés is one of the best-known chain stores in Spain, which has long sought to expand its number of services. For months there had been rumors about his possible plans to launch its own fiber and mobile operator, something they would do in collaboration with MásMóvil. This agreement becomes real and Sweno is born as a result.

Sweno is the name given to this operator, which has already been made official. The agreement signed by MásMóvil with El Corte Inglés will allow the latter to commercialize telecommunication services in the near future, no specific dates have been given, under conditions that we do not yet know.

Sweno is the operator of El Corte Inglés


This agreement will allow El Corte Inglés to combine its new technology offering with fiber and mobile services. The company seeks to focus above all on the field of smart home, thus diversifying its activity by launching a series of new services. Although at the moment it is unknown what Sweno’s offer will be.

They have not given details about how this new operator is going to be positioned in the market, if it will focus on low cost rates, thus competing with firms such as MásMóvil itself or if they want a more premium operator. The number of rates or combinations that we will have available when hiring this operator has not been mentioned either.

Sweno will be able to use the MásMóvil network in this way, which it currently has 90% mobile coverage in Spain with a 4G network and whose 5G is advancing in many cities. It gives access to at least 14 million homes with fiber optics, in addition, MásMóvil also has agreements with Orange that allow it to reach another 11 million homes.

MásMóvil and El Corte Inglés have been collaborating together for a long time, so the launch of Sweno represents another step in their collaboration. The statement issued today is very brief, so we hardly have any details about this operator, which is expected to hit the market later this year, if all goes well. More details about your offering, the dates it will hit the market, and what to expect may be revealed soon.

The entry Sweno: the fiber and mobile operator of El Corte Inglés is official appears first in El Androide Libre.