Supervised accounts: the latest YouTube novelty arrives in Spain

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YouTube featured

YouTube will introduce a multitude of new functions in Spain this year, as recently announced. Google is now in charge of announcing a new function that is introduced in its well-known application and that can already be used in Spain: monitored accounts. This is a show for parents of tweens and teens.

This feature is geared toward those parents who believe that your children can use YouTube now and not its version for children, but they want to have a series of controls or limits on the content that they will have access to in the application. The first beta of this function is now official.

This is how supervised YouTube accounts are

YouTube parental controls

YouTube seeks to provide parents a series of configuration options, so that each one can choose what is best suited to their children, depending on their age or the type of parenting of each one. Parents will be able to adjust this as their child gets older, for example or they consider he is responsible enough to have access to more content in the popular application. These are the options they provide:

  • To explore: This option is ideal for those children who can already leave YouTube Kids and are ready to discover content in the normal version. Includes videos suitable for users 9 and older, including vlogs, tutorials, video game content, music clips, news, educational content, and more.
  • Explore more: This option has content intended for users over 13 years of age, with a greater variety of videos from the same categories as in “Explore”, as well as video broadcasts of the same.
  • Almost all of YouTube: This option includes almost all the videos on the web, except those that have some age restriction. Plus, it contains sensitive topics appropriate only for older teens.

Google is going to use a machine learning combination, user comments and manual review to determine which videos will be included in each category. This system will allow such content to be adjusted better and better. In addition, the role of parents guiding children about content is also important, so that they use the application in a better way. To know more about this function or how to use it, you can enter this link.

More features for parents

Google family

Google will also introduce more functions for parents, because it will make it possible for parents manage search histories and playback from your children’s account settings. In addition, they will also be able to use Google’s Family Link controls, such as screen timers. Other controls such as content blocking are to be introduced in the near future.

YouTube further confirms that no ads from certain categories or personalized ads for children will be served. Also, direct in-app purchases or features like creating channels and posting comments will be disabled. Although Google seeks to work with parents and experts on ways to incorporate them in a responsible way in the future.

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