Street View from Google Maps, the world at the click of a button

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Aerial image city

Street view it is a part that has become fundamental to the system Google maps. It provides us with many possibilities and can be used on various devices to enjoy closer images, that is, at street level, of those areas we want to see.

It is clear that Street View is a very necessary service today for many tasks that we will be able to talk about a little later, but it is also a fundamental part of Google Maps by allowing us to enter into cities. Let’s see everything that this tool offers us.

What is it and what is it for?

Street View is a virtual representation within Google Maps of the entire environment, consisting of million panoramic images, to be able to see all the areas that we want with the greatest possible clarity. It allows us to explore the areas we want, at the time we want as if we were walking. It is available both for viewing on a computer with Windows how to use them on a mobile Android, as well as in a iPhone or iPad.

This system was launched on May 25, 2007 for use in only five cities in the United States. In the year 2008 already premiered in Europe with images of the Tour De France of the same year. At first Google bet on the images of the company Immersive Media, although a short time later he was already using his. At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, they introduced the novelty of using built-in camera snowmobiles to depict the ski slopes.

It is currently present in more than 130 countries around the world, although there are areas of Africa and the Asian continent where large areas do not cover, for one reason or another.

Street View, in addition to serving us at the level of fun to see certain areas of the world where we do not think we will be or to see the neighborhood where we were born if we are far away, it is also an excellent digital marketing option, since many Business They can use it as a virtual visit to certain businesses, it can be used for games that are based on real locations, to study the environmental quality of cities with a much lower cost than if there is a real displacement to those same cities, such as guides to inaccessible places or, something much more serious, as a way of assess the damage from an earthquake or any other type of natural disaster.

How we access Street View

We have two ways to access. The first is the one we all know, that is, entering Google maps and use the section dedicated to Street View. But there is also the option to install the Google Street View app and thus be able to collaborate by posting our own images.

There are two options that Google offers us for the same application, although with its nuances, since one is rather collaborative and the other is more to be used in the most classic way.

Google Street View

This application has been created to consult and share images of places in the world that we are visiting or the area where we live. We will use the phone to incorporate new images that all other users will be able to see. These images may be:

  • Panoramic photos 360 degree.
  • Photo routes: a series of connected photos of a road or street.
  • Street view– Connected panoramic photos taken by a 360-degree camera.

In this way we can share images with others and see those that others have been publishing from different parts of the world such as landscapes, trails, mountains, although they can also be from football stadiums, restaurants, museums and everything that comes to mind.

This application is present for both devices with operating system Android as for those who have ios.

Street View App

Google maps

Evidently within Google Maps we will continue to use Street View and as the Big G maps system is available for Windows, Android and iOS, therefore Street View will also be present.

For Windows computer

The way to use Street View on a Windows computer is extremely simple. We just have to follow these steps:

  • We enter with our browser in the Google Maps website.
  • We are looking for a site or an address that we want.
  • Once Google Maps is active it is time to drag the little orange man from the bottom right to the map itself, in the place we want, guided by the blue lines that appear on the screen.
  • We will automatically see how we are already inside Street view and we can move down the street. The way to get around is quite easy, we just have to go moving the mouse Y clicking on the dates that we see on the ground. In this way, it will go forward or backward as each one wants.

Street view computer

Images of the past

In this version for computer we also have an option that we find extremely interesting, which is to see images at street level from the past. To achieve this, the following must be done:

  • Once we have dragged the little orange man to the map, it is time to click on the weather icon which is located in the upper right.
  • Now we use the slider located at the bottom to go back in time. If you click on the image, it will be the one you do as the main one.

In this way we can compare two images separated by years and thus observe the changes, if there have been any.

Street view

For Android and iOS

If we have a device with one of the two main operating systems today, the way to use Street View within Google Maps is the same, so we will have to perform the same steps:

  • Either on a phone or a tablet, the first thing we have to do is open the Google Maps Application, which is compatible with Android and with ios.
  • Now we must look for a address or a place where we want Streeet View to work.
  • When we have it selected, we will click on the round button with several layers drawn inside of the upper right.
  • Next, a tab will open with many options, in which we must click on Street View of the Explore section.
  • At that time the map will be almost which one unless we will see some blue lines that run through the same.
  • All we have to do is click on one of the blue lines and thus get to see said street in 360 degrees.
  • To move through Street View is very easy and we will do it with our fingers from one side to the other, making the clamp (pinching the screen with two fingers) if we want to zoom in or out and clicking on the arrows that we see painted to move forward or backward. on the street where we are.

Google Maps iOS

Split screen

One option that we find very interesting in the versions for mobile devices is to be able to have the split screen. To achieve this, you only have to do the following:

  • Being inside the Street View image, in the lower right part, click on the arrows pointing to each other, icon that marks the split screen. Once we press, we will be able to see a small map at the bottom of the screen with which we can interact as follows:
    • To zoom in or out on the map: we must pinch the screen separating the fingers to enlarge. To reduce it, we pinch the screen by bringing our fingers together.
    • Interesting place: If we select a place of interest that has a name assigned on the small map, it will be immediately re-centered and the new images will be loaded so that we have the best view of that place.
    • Touch a blue line: If we touch a blue line on the small map, it is immediately re-centered.

These are the ways we have to enjoy Google Street View and its 360-degree panoramic images. A very curious tool with which we can see a place at street level that, depending on what type of device we use it, we will have some options or others.

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