Sticker Maker: the app to create your own animated stickers

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WhatsApp is beginning to roll out the possibility of importing your own animated stickers, an option that will soon arrive in Spain. This function will allow you to use those animated stickers that you have created, in order to be able to use them in your conversations with friends in the popular app. Although for this you will have to create your own stickers, something possible with an app called Sticker Maker.

We already told you about Sticker Maker when this new feature was announced on WhatsApp. This app is the best way to be able to create your own animated stickers, which you can later import into WhatsApp when this new feature is available to all Android users.

Create your own animated stickers

Sticker Maker home

The purpose of an application like Sticker Maker is clear, it gives you the possibility to create your own animated stickers, which you can use later in applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. The great advantage in this app is that the stickers you create are automatically saved in the appropriate format to be able to import them from WhatsApp later, so you can use any of your creations immediately. The way to use the app is simple:

  1. Open Sticker Maker on your Android phone.
  2. Click on the button to create a sticker pack.
  3. Give the pack a name and your creator name.
  4. Click on the first square.
  5. Choose whether you want to upload a photo from the gallery, take one, or search for a photo on the device.
  6. Select the image.
  7. Cut out the desired size and desired shape.
  8. Add text if you want.
  9. Click on Save.
  10. Repeat the process with at least two more stickers to have a pack (3 is the minimum to make one).

Sticker Maker select photo

In each pack of stickers you can have up to 30 different ones in total, so you can create a pack based on a theme, for example, if you wish. At least you will have to use three stickers (static or animated) in a pack, to be able to import it later in one of the messaging applications.

If you want to import these animated stickers later in WhatsApp, you will only have to press on the button that says “Add to WhatsApp”, Although this is a function that is available to users of the premium version of this app. By using this function you will have these animated stickers available in the messaging app, ready to send them in your conversations.

How to download Sticker Maker on Android

Sticker Maker is an application that we can download for free on our phone Android. Inside we have ads and purchases, which we can eliminate with the paid version, in order to have access to all the functions of the application without any limit, such as importing said stickers. This version is priced at 4.09 euros per month.

Sticker Maker: the app to create your own animated stickers 1


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