Stereo, a podcast app with real-time conversations

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Table of Contents

These audio or video episodes are usually known as delayed programs uploaded to the internet. In other words, they are recorded and later published, although some can also be heard live. However, they have very little interaction from listeners, so podcasts are based on blurting out all the talk rhetorically, without waiting for a response. Stereo is a service that completely changes that concept.

Stereo - Live Shows and Podcasts
Stereo - Live Shows and Podcasts

Stereo, podcasts with live broadcast

We say that the concept of broadcasting a podcast totally changes because it has a differential aspect. Not so much because they are done live, because we can find that on other platforms, but because it allows both calls in the same application to talk, like the listener interaction in real time. We will discuss details about the latter later, but if we focus on the former, it is a real joy to enjoy this function.

stereo call

The app presents us with random podcasts, which we can go discarding in the purest style of Tinder cards. It is true that Stereo does not allow you to record a podcast alone nor upload an audio file that we have stored, but if it is to chat with another person, it is not necessary to record the audio from a call or video call and then upload the file. We can directly establish a call with the person we want from the Stereo interface itself. And if you still don’t have friends on the platform, don’t worry, because if we click on »Go to Live» the app puts us in contact with any other user who wants to talk.

On the other hand, the intuitive interface makes using the application very simple, since it bases almost everything on contextual menus that are hidden to take up more space than necessary on the screen. You better have good company in the podcast and a good topic of conversation, since depending on the listeners who participate, the platform gives us money that we can withdraw.

stereo avatar

With this, Stereo seeks a (healthy) competition to improve the content of the interviews that are made in these podcasts. Of course, every award carries a series of requirements, since calls must last 30 minutes or more and accumulate a number of listeners in each of them. The competition lasts for a series of days, but it is not unreasonable to get a good sum of money.

Another detail that we must bring out is that of the avatars. The use of animated avatars instead of images or videos makes Stereo an exceptionally safe place for discussion and exchange of opinions, free from stereotypes based on appearance. The Avatar Maker allows Stereo users to create a highly customizable personal branding without compromising their privacy.

Possibility of sending live audios

Another of the fundamental pillars of Stereo, as we have already mentioned before, is the interaction of the listeners. This is even more innovative, since in a podcast there is not this type of participation, and less in real time. That is why Stereo allows, in addition to sharing reactions to support the broadcast, send audios with comments and questions towards the interlocutors.

stereo interface

As it allows you to do it in real time, you just have to give the application access to the microphone and you can now click on the icon to send your audio. The duration is quite short, thus causing the comments not to be extended too much. Lack regulate and restrict words that can be used in voice messages as it takes too much freedom and discredits the podcast greatly if the content is offensive.

Couldn’t you listen to the podcast? Stereo leaves them re-uploaded

Obviously, live broadcasting is the central pillar of this platform, but it has some extras typical of other podcast applications. Apart from finding creations of our friends, there are already profiles of very popular content creators. Celebrities like Ibai or Willyrex They have their profiles to do different interviews and interact with their followers, so there are very famous creations.

stereo ranking

Nothing happens if all these auditions cannot be heard at the time of the rigorous live performance, since Stereo save productions and leave them uploaded on your platform, so you can listen to them at any time. In the same playback, we can advance or increase the speed of it. Another detail worth highlighting is the translation of the entire app in Spanish and the preferences that the app establishes for presenting us podcasts of our language, something that we cannot say about other platforms.