Statistics and how to play guide

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With the art of pseudoscience By flag and knowledge to both damage and heal as we see in his abilities, we know that Byron is one of the most famous vendors in the Brawl Stars community.

Brawl stars
Brawl stars

Who is Byron and his abilities

Every hero lands with a story behind, or at least a cover letter, and Byron is no exception. Supercell portrays you as a vintage-clad doctor who sells proven, extremely strong drugs. Byron is a brawler mythical, so it can be achieved through brawl boxes. His arrival completes the trio of Barley and Piper, who have been around much longer than he has. Has a Very low health, ranging between 2,500 and 3,500 points depending on your level, and one Normal movement speed, but it makes up for it with other stats like damage or healing. Its main function is to support allied brawlers thanks to its high level of healing, although it can also do a lot of damage with its great attack range.

byron brawl stars stats

His Main Attack, ‘Exact Dose’, launches a liquid with his shotgun baton that heals and deals ongoing damage, with a Rank very high. his Super, ‘Complete Treatment’, Ejects a gadget that restores life to allies while reducing health from enemies it hits, being able to launch through walls. The First Gadget, ‘Self Medication’, restores health for about 3 seconds to restore up to 800 health. His First Star Ability, ‘Discomfort’, Causes enemies hit by the super attack to regain half their intended health (however healed) for 9 seconds.

How to play with Byron in Brawl Stars

Once we know what this brawler is about, we have to use it in the game. To do this, we are going to show some aspects paying attention to Byron’s characteristics, which are very specific. The first thing to keep in mind is the constant movement that this brawler must have, for two reasons. The first is his healing role, so he must be supporting any of the brawlers on the team; And second, his low health and long attack range translates into can’t be close to enemies, since in a hand-to-hand fight he will lose almost certainly.

byrin brawl stars game

Regarding his attack repertoire, we have to use his Super to attack enemies that get too close, mostly to inflict damage on them while Byron is living his life. Of course, avoid doing it against enemies like Bull or Shelly, especially if they have full health. Also, it should be used when two or more Brawlers are next to each other. This can double your value and at the same time ensure your teammates.

One thing to note is that Byron’s auto attack only targets teammates when there are no boxes or enemies in range, and the auto attack prioritizes enemies over teammates, so it’s not very reliable and it is better to use manual pointing.

Similarly, if we are faced with a sniper-style character, like Bea or Brock, We should take shelter, wait for another partner to take care of it and try to find another goal. If we are confident in our abilities, we can try to deal with it, but with a couple of continuous attacks we may be eliminated. Instead, Byron is good at supporting tanks or assassins like Edgar in Duo Showdown. Byron’s teammates can play very aggressively, while Byron can heal them quickly