Stage to get more money

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Table of Contents

If in Hill Climb Racing we are short of coins, then at what stage could we earn more coins by doing tricks and collecting the remaining coins in the chosen scenario? A question that can be answered in this tutorial, in which we are going to reveal the perfect place to get coins in the shortest time possible.

Hill Climb Racing 2
Hill Climb Racing 2

The best stage in Hill Climb Racing 2

At Hill Climb Racing we have several vehicles and various stages. Different vehicles have different performances on the same stage or stage, and it is important to know which are the best combinations to maximize the distance in each stage.

In the case of the stage that we are going to expose to get the most money possible, we will need the Motocross bike Hill Climb Racing to race on the stage of the Moon. This way, when fully upgraded, the motocross bike turns very quickly, something that is courtesy of the improved control in the air, and when combined with the low gravity of the moon, we can get up to 20,000 coins every time we leave the surface of the earth.

moon stage hill climb racing

Another vehicle that also works on the lunar stage is the Moonlander. This bulky lunar rover is going smoothly at this stage, something very predictable given its usefulness. A trick that we can use with this strange vehicle is just when we start the level.

In this way, we must push up until get to 1/4 of the fuel tank. We drop, we fall and we will end up with a figure that will be around 35,000 to 50,000 coins in about 20 seconds. All we have to do is, once you execute this movement, restart the stage and repeat it again. In about 8 or 9 minutes, we will get around 1 million coins.

Other stages to get quick money

As we have mentioned before, it all comes down to knowing the most suitable combinations between the stage and the vehicle, apart from making the necessary improvements. That is why, despite leaving you the best stage to get that long-awaited money that allows us to improve vehicles and unlock more content, there are other scenarios that are also very suitable. Undoubtedly, the common denominator that all the tracks have is that they must be simple and with very specific characteristics, in order to be able to exploit them more deeply. In no way are we interested in stages with a lot of relief and too many obstacles.

One of them is to use the Diesel Truck on the Highway, where you can easily get 1 million per race, which is about 9 thousand meters. It has also been proven that with Express for children is 17,000 metersAlthough it takes about 33 million to fully improve it, a figure accessible to a few players. However, with all that distance traveled, it is estimated to get between 15-20 million coins, so it is worth a try.

highway hill climb racing stage 2

Another vehicle that we can test on the highway is the Race car. This is aimed especially at those beginning users who do not have so many resources or unlocked content. By far, it is not the route that gives the most results, but it can be very efficient in terms of time spent due to the speed in which the coins are obtained.