Spy on Instagram: can you see Stories without the person knowing?

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Spy on instagram

The Instagram Stories is a feature that allows users to share what interests them, being able to personalize it with text, drawings, GIFs or emojis, so that after 24 hours it disappears. If a friend reacts on an Instagram story, the person will receive a direct message and if a friend views our story, we will automatically know, since we can see who has seen our stories. But can you get to see a story without the other person knowing? Or can we even download it? And the big question, can we spy on Instagram?

Really seeing an Instagram Storie without the other person knowing it or downloading what they have posted, we cannot consider it as a form of espionage and rather a way to hide our own activity on the social network.

Can we spy on Instagram?

Obviously any type of software that we can use to spy on a person on Instagram without their consent can be considered as illegal, except that it could be a minor and that being under our guardianship we could have a program of Parental control that you give us certain data about your activity, not only on this social network, but in everything that concerns a smartphone or a computer.

But what is very clear is that spying on any type of private activity of an individual, that is, something that person has not put to share in public, how private Instagram messages can be, is going to mean a crime and, therefore therefore, we could be reported.

Regulations on Instagram

The regulations that exist right now on Instagram make very clear those things that are illegal and that move outside the internal rules of the social network. Of course, any type of espionage is outside its rules, but it is also outside the law of our country. Not only is it illegal to fraudulently enter an Instagram account or other social network, it is illegal to pick up someone else’s phone and look at it without their consent, since there have already been convictions for these events.

Instagram on mobile

Instagram leaves us the following rules for the user community that we are part of it:

  • Only share photos and videos that you’ve done or that you have right to share.
  • Post photos and videos that appropriate for a diverse audience.
  • Encourage interactions ruplifting and genuine.
  • Comply with the law.
  • Respect to the rest of the members of the Instagram community.
  • Help maintain this supportive environment and don’t praise self-harm.
  • Reflect before posting events of interest.

With these rules, Instagram wants to mark the path of all users towards a social network out of any type of ethnic, religious or other sensitive issue for other users, in addition to protecting its own content.

Legal risks

Obviously the legal risks are enough, since, if it is proven that we have spied on an Instagram account, we will not only suffer the consequences of the social network itself, but we will have to face the state authorities and that could be much more serious.

Spying on someone else’s mobile is typified in our Criminal Code as a crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets, as stated in article 197 CP. This crime is punishable by penalties from three months to seven years in prison.

For example, entering the private areas of a social network, among which is Instagram, picking up the mobile to spy on it or reading private messages, can be punished with sentences of one to four years in prison. If any data is disseminated or transferred to third parties, the penalty could be between two and five years in prison.

Tools that promise to spy

There are some other applications on the net that promises to spy Instagram. We do not advise using any of these applications, since, apart from the illegality it entails, we can suffer the opposite and be the victims when we install an app that contains some type of virus or Trojan to gain access to our own mobile.

Therefore, although you find programs that promise to be able to enter, even in the private messages of the social network owned by Facebook, we advise you not to install them so as not to enter into illegality and so that you do not suffer any kind of problems.

View statuses and download videos and photos without the person knowing

There are several ways in which we can see the Instagram Stories of a person without her epand them. In addition, we can also download the photo or video that has been posted in the internal storage of our equipment.

Story saver

We can choose to download the app for our Android mobile device or the extension for the Chrome browser. If we choose the browser, we must know that it will allow us to download the video or photo of the story we are seeing, but it will come out to the other person who has seen the story.

To install and use the extension we just have to perform these steps:

  • Let’s go to the extension web and then click on Add to Chrome.
  • Now the icon will appear in the upper right part of the screen, right where we have all the extensions.
  • At that time, every time we want to download a video or photo from an Instagram Story, we just have to click on the extension icon and we will see how it automatically downloads them.

We can choose the mobile version in which in addition to being able to download the content of the Stories, it allows us to enter them without the person knowing.

  • We entered the google store to install the application.
  • Once installed we will see a screen with the list of the latest Instagram stories of our contacts on the social network. By clicking on each of them, we will see the photos or videos of the stories published by each contact. If we touch on the video or photo then a menu will appear with the option to to post, save or to share.
    • If we select the option Save, the Instagram story will be saved within the Story Saver For Instagram history.
    • If we click on Compartir We can share it through other applications installed on the mobile phone.
    • By clicking on the option Repost, we can create a new post with the selected Instagram story.

Story saver


If you prefer to perform this task through your browser, but do not want to install an extension, you can opt for WeInstag. Thanks to this website we will be able to enter the Stories of any user of the Instagram social network without them knowing that we have done so, in addition to being able to download said History on our computer.


  • Only we enter the web and in the section that we see to write we put the User name, without the need to enter the at sign.
  • Now we give the Intro and it will automatically access all the Stories that user has.
  • As we can see it allows us download the stories, be it photos or videos, directly in the internal storage of our computer.

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