Spotify will let you play the music saved on your mobile

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We analyze Spotify Station: the simplest way to listen to good music

Spotify is one of the few international companies that have succeeded coming from Europe. The ecosystem of services in Spain and the rest of the old continent that have been successful worldwide is not exactly broad.

One of the reasons why the Swedish company has been able to be the reference in music streaming is because it has been reinventing itself without stopping, and has been including new functions regardless of whether it was a leader or not.

The stories were released recently, similar to those we see in apps like Snapchat or Instagram. Now comes a long-awaited novelty, which allows us to use the music on our mobile.

Spotify works on being able to reproduce the files of our mobile

As announced by Jane Manchun Wong on her Twitter profile, the company is working on a new feature that enables the reproduction of the audio files that we have on our mobile.

Spotify will let you play the music saved on your mobile 1

According to the analyst, Spotify has activated this function for some users of the Android application, in a first phase of tests. Hopefully, if there are no problems and if you see that users make use of this feature, we will see it soon in the profiles of all users, at least in those who use Android.

It must be made clear that this function will allow the reproduction of local files, but it will not upload them to the cloud to be able to play them in streaming as YouTube Music does.

Also, it is not known if this will be one of those features that Spotify keeps for its paying users or if it will activate it for all its clients, including those who use the free version.

The Spotify entry will let you play the music stored on your mobile that appears first in The Free Android.