Spotify renews its library with a more comfortable to use design

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Millions of users in Spain They use Spotify on their Android phones. The application has incorporated many functions in recent months, although its design has remained unchanged for a couple of years. It seems that the firm is working on renewing the appearance of the library in the application on Android.

Spotify will make the library interface on Android is much more intuitive and comfortable to wear. A welcome change, which will allow you to move more comfortably between your playlists and podcasts, if you have podcasts saved in your account, for example.

Spotify renews its library

Spotify new library

When you open the library in the Spotify application on Android you you will find the available categories: playlists, artists, albums and podcasts. Now you will find all these contents directly on the home page of it, in order of when you have reproduced them. In the list you can see both playlists and artists or albums. Unlike until now, where you will only see the separate categories.

If you want access any of the specific categoriesYou just have to click on the top option, for example playlists. The application will then take you to your playlists. At the top you will see that the name of the category is displayed in green, so that it is easy for you to identify the category in which you are.

Spotify library new design

This new library design in Spotify is starting to show in version of the application. Although it seems that it is an update that is being launched from the server side, because there are users with this version of the app installed, but who still have the old design of the library.

It is likely that it will take a few days until all users already have this new design of the library in the app. You can download the app now from the Play Store and check if you already have this new interface:

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