Spotify launches into lossless sound with Spotify HiFi

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We analyze Spotify Station: the simplest way to listen to good music

In the last hours the presentation of Spotify news has taken place, possibly the most used music streaming service in Spain and worldwide. Among the many news there is one that has attracted special attention, the presentation of a new service that will arrive at the end of the year, Spotify HiFi.

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A feature to match your competitors

Although most users do not have many complaints about the sound quality of the music on Spotify, more and more people are demanding an improvement from the European company in this regard in order to compete with rivals like Tidal.

According to the company, “Spotify HiFi will have music in lossless audio format with CD quality both on the devices where the app is installed and on the speakers compatible with Spotify Connect”

Spotify HiFi will arrive at the end of the year

Spotify launches into lossless sound with Spotify HiFi 1

This new sound configuration option will be available this year, but a specific date has not been announced.

It has been advanced that it will be in several markets but it has not been confirmed in which of them it will be available at launch. We assume that Spain will be among them, but if not, surely there are options to change the region for the most audiophiles.

Along with these developments are others related to podcasts, such as partnerships with companies like Marvel and DC to create audio formats based on their popular superheroes.

The entry Spotify launches to the sound without loss of quality with Spotify HiFi appears first in The Free Android.