Spotify debuts lists of success to podcasts: here’s how they work

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Table of Contents

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Spotify is one of the most popular applications among Android users in Spain, in addition to being one of the most up to date and are maintained, recently introduced sessions with friends, among others. For a long time that we see as the podcast, are gaining presence in the application, yet has its own section within the app. Now have new lists.

Since Spotify does the same thing you do with the music: create two lists of hits for the podcast. The users in the application on Android will be able to see it this way what are the podcast’s most popular at that time in your country, in order to have access to them directly.

Spotify has lists of success for podcasts

Spotify debuts lists of success to podcasts: here's how they work 1

There are two lists of success in this section in the application. On one hand we have Podcasts Top, which represents the most downloaded podcasts in the country. While the other list is inserted in Spotify is Podcasts Trends, where we can see the most popular at that particular time, which are increasing and gaining presence. These two lists are kept up to date at all times, as the numbers advance.

These lists can be a good help for the users, so they are going to discover new content through them. To check what is popular in your country, or in another, we can find a podcast that is of our interest. How to use this new function in the application is very simple:

  1. Open Spotify in your phone.
  2. Go in Search.
  3. Go to the section on Podcasts and go.
  4. Look for the section called Successes in podcasts.
  5. Check the list that you want for your country.

Spotify debuts lists of success to podcasts: here's how they work 2

In addition, below these two lists we find the can see the list of other countries. The list is somewhat smaller than that of the music, but at least we can see in other countries what type of podcasts are having success and discover new content that is of our interest.

These lists of success for podcasts in Spotify are already officers, both in its premium version as free. No need to update the app, is inserted within the same, by following the steps that we have mentioned before.

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