Spherical and with natural grip: what the VR supercontroller will look like for PlayStation 5

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The video game giant has revealed the characteristics of the prototype, which will now be delivered for the first feedback to the developer community.

Following the recent unveiling of the next-gen VR system for PlayStation 5, the gaming giant has revealed more details about the new controller that will play a pivotal role in bringing gamers the VR experience. For now, this is just a prototype, soon to be handed over to the development communities for the first official feedback.

The new PlayStation 5 VR Controller will build on the innovation introduced with the DualSense wireless controller, which has changed the perception of gaming on PS5 with a new way of exploiting the sense of touch. The same innovation will also be introduced for the virtual reality gaming experience.

The design of the new VR controllers for PS5

The unique design of the next generation virtual reality controller takes on a spherical shape to allow natural grip and great freedom while gaming. The absence of restrictions on the movement of the player’s hands offers developers the ability to create unique gaming experiences. The ergonomics are great too, allowing the controller to be well balanced and comfortable to hold.

Virtual Reality Controller for PS5-2-2

The characteristics of the new controller

Among the features and functionalities that the new controllers guarantee, we highlight:

  • Adaptive triggers: Each VR controller (left and right) includes an adaptive trigger that adds palpable tension when pressed, as is the case with the DualSense controller. Anyone who has played a PS5 title is well aware of the tension that comes from pressing the L2 or R2 keys. By applying this mechanic to virtual reality, the experience is amplified and taken to a higher level.
  • Haptic feedback– The new controller will feature optimized haptic feedback for its design, to deliver more incisive, modulated and nuanced gaming sensations
  • Touch detection: The controller can detect your fingers without applying pressure to the areas where you place your thumb, index or middle fingers. In this it will be possible to make more natural movements with the hands during the game.
  • Detection: The new VR headset detects the VR controller through a ring at the bottom of the controller.
  • Action keys / analog sticks: The left controller is equipped with an analog joystick, square and triangle buttons, a “grab” button (L1), a trigger (L2), and the Create button. The right controller is equipped with an analog joystick, cross and circle buttons, a “grip” button (R1), a trigger (R2), and the Options button.

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