Sony will bring back small mobiles with a new Compact

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When Apple introduced the iPhone 12 Mini, many praised the company’s move to offer a high-end device with a very compact size compared to the average of the smartphone market in 2020.

Even in countries where Apple does not have a large market share, such as Spain, there was speculation that Android mobile manufacturers would imitate the firm of Tim Cook and announce contained models.

We have already had some statements from heads of Chinese brands indicating that, at least in their case, it was not going to be the case.

Sony prepares a new Xperia Compact

Sony will bring back small mobiles with a new Compact 1

The point is that it seems that at least one manufacturer is going to pick up the glove launched by Apple. Sony is the only major brand that in recent years has launched models of tight screens, the Xperia Compact.

Now it seems that he is working on a new member of that family, who has not been updated for a long time.

With a diagonal size of 5.5 inch and a dimension greater than 140 mm high, this terminal would have a volume similar to Apple’s iPhone SE 2020. We do not know anything about the rest of the specifications, beyond that the main rear camera would be 13 Mpx.

Sony will bring back small mobiles with a new Compact 2

The design will not be especially groundbreaking, Sony betting on a notch in the form of a drop of water on the screen and a fingerprint sensor on the side. In the rear area we will have a double camera.

There is not so much demand for small mobiles

Sony will bring back small mobiles with a new Compact 3

Although analysts and techies tend to look nostalgically at the times when mobiles were much smaller, the reality is that people demand large screens. And not only in the high-end, but also in the cheapest mobiles.

We have usage patterns that are much more dependent on large diagonals, such as video calls, streaming, etc.

Furthermore, in the last 30 years, a large number of elderly users have entered the smartphone market, who simply value the size of the screen, not its resolution or performance. Many people in their 60s or 70s have certain vision problems, normal in age, and that make it difficult to use small phones. Finally, it must be remembered that small mobiles come with small batteries.

This could explain the cut in the production of iPhone 12 Mini that Apple has carried out in recent weeks.

It does not seem that Sony’s movement is going to have a great response, but perhaps if the price is very tight it will find a suitable niche of users.

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