Sony updates dozens of televisions from 2016 models to Android TV 9

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Android TV is one of the most advanced television operating systems available in Spain, a system that is present both in devices such as the Nvidia Shield or Xiaomi Mi Stick to turn any television into an Android TV, but they are also included in an integrated way in many smart TV brands.

Sony is one of the best TV brands to use such a system. Unlike traditional televisions, smart TV systems require system updates, sometimes to improve performance and security, while in other cases it is as simple as maintaining compatibility with modern applications. Sony has decided to update many of its models suddenly.

Sony updates dozens of televisions to Android TV 9

Android follows a very different rate of updates on mobile phones and television. Despite the fact that Android TV 11 was introduced recently, the most current version of television on the market is Android TV 9 (since Android TV 10 does not seem to have had an impact). This version, although it seems a bit old, is the minimum version to be compatible with the Google TV experience, which we talked about a few days ago and did a tutorial on how to install it.

Sony updates dozens of televisions from 2016 models to Android TV 9 1Google TV is compatible with televisions that are updated to Android 9.

Sony has decided to update dozens of models released from 2016 to 2019, highlighting the following aspects:

  • Combine Video, Album and Music applications in Media Player application.
    • After application, the application menu will show only Music and Media Player, but it will contain all Video, Album and Music content.
  • Support for HEVC video in 100/120 Hz in WPS video playback.
  • Remove the Wi-Fi WPS function.
  • Android 9 Pie settings menu support.
  • Redesign of the configuration menu.

They are30 model types getting the update, being televisions that correspond to the Android TV ranges launched from 2016 to 2019. We have pointed out how each of the models are known in Europe and are classified by inches, so that you can locate them easily.

Models receiving the update

  • 49 inches:
    • 49XG80**, 49XF75**, 49XD75**, 49XE80**.
  • 55 inches:
    • 55AG8, 55XG80**, 55AF8, 55XF90**, 55XF75**, 55XD75**, 55A1, 55XE80 **, 55XE90 **.
  • 60 inches:
    • 60XF83 **.
  • 65 inches:
    • 65AG8, 65XG80**, 65AF8, 65XF85 **, 65XF90**, 65XF75**, 65XD75**, 65A1, 65XE85 **, 65XE90 **.
  • 70 inches:
    • 70XF83 **.
  • 75 inches:
    • 75XG80 **, 75XF85 **, 75XE85 **, 75XE93 **.
  • 85 inches:
    • 85XF85 **.

Note, asterisks refer to consecutive numbers that refer to multiple models. Normally to represent such a number an X is usually used, but not to be confused with the X already present in the model number, this has been chosen.

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