Some Pixels have camera problems and Google blames this on a hardware failure

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Google Pixel 4a 00003

The Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 are two models that we can recently buy in Amazon Spain, to the surprise of many. In recent months, the firm’s devices have suffered some problems due to updates, such as not being able to connect to some company WiFi, as well as problems with the cameras.

Many users with some Google Pixels, especially those with the Pixel 2, 3 and 3 XL, 3a and some 4, are reporting problems with the camera application. As they say, when they open the application on the phone, screen goes black and they find it impossible to use the app.

Camera problems on Google Pixel

Some Pixels have camera problems and Google blames this on a hardware failure 1

This error seems to be affecting especially users with a Google Pixel 2, although other more recent models have also reported the same problem. The rear camera stops working, in many cases showing a black screen when opening the app. Other users have encountered an error message, while in other cases the application crashes completely.

It is a problem that in some cases occurs continuously on the device, while for other users it is something that repeats itself randomly for short periods of time. Also, it is something that happens when the camera is used in other apps like Google Duo or Snapchat. Despite clearing the cache of those apps or resetting the phone, the error is still present.

There are users who consider that a software update is the cause of this error, because many of them began to suffer after updating. Other users have not seen such a relationship, so the origin of this failure in the device’s camera is questioned. In the Google Pixel forums there are already more than 800 users who have complained about this error.

Android Police have contacted Google about this matter, in order to determine the cause of the failure. The company rules out that the origin is an update or a software failure, in fact, they say that everything does indicate possible hardware problems. The wear of the devices over time or possible falls are some of the possible causes. The company asks affected users to contact them to try to solve the problem.

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