Solve the four mysterious missions

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Table of Contents

These activities do not take long to appear, since we can start the searches from when Kaeya asks us to find a hidden treasure. It only gives us very superficial clues, so we will have to manage to explore the map and complete tasks.

Genshin Impact

Be guided by spirits in Genshin Impact

Throughout the entire map, we will find spirits that we cannot touch, trap or kill, but we can follow them, since some lead us to statues that grant us chests. If they touch it, we will be blessed with a good reward, something we cannot complain about.

genshin impact mystery missions

Others, on the other hand, eventually direct us to find a area with multiple statues. All nearby spirits will be needed to unlock the reward, and they won’t be too far away. In general, we need to follow the direction the statues are pointing and we should be able to see nearby spirits fairly quickly.

Practicing shooting

From time to time we will see several round enemies floating in the air. This means it is target practice and will have to be shot down. Thanks to we got amber At the beginning of the story, he is an excellent member of the group for the simple fact that he carries a bow and arrow as a weapon.

This is important as these challenges can only be completed with a bow, and even the magicians that fire magic attacks at long range cannot be used to meet these challenges. Once all the round floating enemies are knocked down, a chest will appear near their position.

Combat challenges, another of the mysterious missions

Sometimes we will come to a small obelisk that, when touched, will propose a challenge to us, It is a pity that these obelisks do not tell us what kind of challenge we are getting into until it begins. However, sometimes, we will be tasked with defeat a group of enemies, which is best done with whatever element they are weak against.

These tasks are really difficult because they will often be timed and we will have to defeat the enemies within a strict time limit. Others, on the other hand, are challenges with flight games, similar to what we do with Amber at the beginning of the game. It consists of navigating and planning through the different rings that the challenge presents us with, a journey that will have a reward in the form of a chest at the end.

The mission of the three windy children

Another one of the mysterious missions in Genshin Impact is that the three windy little boys will often lead to Anemoculus or Geoculus, which are the elements that we offer to the Statues of the Seven to receive rewards and permanent improvements of resistance.

genshin impact flight

We will see them on the ground, as little white strands, and when we go through them, a strand will follow us. We walked for at least two more, which should be in the nearby area. That will transform into a gust of wind that will shoot upwards, and this will allow us to glide and grab a floating Anemoculus or Geoculus in the air, or float safely towards a chest that is surrounded by a barrier.