[Solución] Gaming Services installation error 0x80073D26 in Windows 10

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Problem: [Solución] Gaming Services installation error 0x80073D26 in Windows 10

I’ve been trying to play Xbox Game Pass games for a while. The problem is that I cannot install Gaming Services I need it for it to work – I get the error 0x80073D26 every time I try to download it from the Microsoft Store. Please help?

Resolved answer

Xbox Game Pass is a great opportunity for those who want quick access to a list of 300 games to choose from, although it is based on a monthly subscription. Players who have enough time to play many games in a short period of time benefit greatly from the service – it seems that more than 23 million people are indeed interested.

Once the subscription is purchased, users can access games through an Xbox console or through a Windows computer. To be able to install games on desktop computers, users need to ensure that Gaming Services is configured and running through the Microsoft Store. Unfortunately, this is when attempts to download games are paralyzed due to error 0x80073D26.

Many users have reported that they were able to push the download to a full state, and only then did the error appear. At this point, people think the app is downloaded and installed, however it doesn’t show up in the Apps and Features section.

Obviously, the first thing you should do when you are unable to install Gaming Services due to error 0x80073D26 is to make sure that the Windows Store is working fine. For example, restarting an app multiple times can do wonders. We also provide multiple different troubleshooting options below.

[Fix]  Gaming Services install error 0x80073D26 on Windows 10

In most cases, however, the reason is based within Windows, assuming a new version of the service is already installed, which is why it sends error 0x80073D26. To solve this, you should have access to the Windows Registry editor and execute various changes – be careful as you need to back up the registry before proceeding with this.

Before starting to apply solutions in our step-by-step guide, we recommend that you try to run a PC repair tool like ReimageMac Washing Machine X9 – specializes in various problems that can appear in Windows, replaces bad sectors and fixes corrupt system files automatically, eventually resolves DLL errors, blue screen closures, and more.

Solution 1. Reset the Windows Store cache

All you have to do is run a simple command on your computer:

  • Write wsreset in the Windows search bar and press Enter
  • A pop-up window will appear – don’t close it[Fix]  Gaming Services install error 0x80073D26 on Windows 10
  • As soon as it disappears Windows Store should reopen
  • Now try to download Microsoft Gaming Services one more time.

Solution 2. Restart Microsoft Store

A more advanced restart can be done through the Applications and Features section as explained below:

  • Right click on Start and choose Applications and Features
  • Swipe until you find Microsft Store
  • Choose Advanced Options
  • Swipe and click Finalize and then in Restart.[Fix]  Gaming Services install error 0x80073D26 on Windows 10

Solution 3. Run the System File Checker and Image Deployment Service and Check Management

System file corruption can be fixed with the help of the SFC and DISM checks, which are easily accessible through the Command Prompt:

  • Write cmd in the Windows search bar
  • Right click and the result of the Symbol of the system and select Execute as an administrator
  • Copy and paste the following command and press Enter:
  • sfc / scannow[Fix]  Gaming Services install error 0x80073D26 on Windows 10
  • Wait for the check to finish and display the results
  • If SFC finds no errors, it proceeds with the next solution; if integrity violations are found and repaired – restart your pc; finally, if the System File Checker has been be unable to fix file corruption, use the following commands (don’t forget to press Enter after each of them):
    DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / CheckHealth
    DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / ScanHealth
    DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth
  • Finally, reboot your computer.

Solution 4. Delete the Gaming Services registry entries

As we have already mentioned, Windows can be misleading for a few reasons and assume that a new version of the service is already installed on the system. If that’s the case, you should remove the logs that make Windows assume this:

Alert: We do not recommend that you deal with the registry unless you know what you are doing, since an incorrect deletion of the entries can cause series of bad system functions. Before proceeding with the following steps, backup your registry.

  • Write regedit in Windows search and press Enter
  • Once the alert of the User account control, click on Yes
  • Navigate to the following location:
  • Computer \ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services

  • Swipe the menu until you find GamingServices Y GamingServicesNet[Fix]  Gaming Services install error 0x80073D26 on Windows 10
  • Right click and press Get rid of in both cases
  • Reboot your computer and try to download the required package again.

Solution 5. Run the Windows Store troubleshooter

  • Type Troubleshooter in Windows search and press Enter
  • In the right part of the window, select Additional troubleshooters
  • Swipe until you find Windows Store apps
  • Click on Run the troubleshooter and wait for it to finish – Windows should apply the changes automatically.[Fix]  Gaming Services install error 0x80073D26 on Windows 10

We hope this article has helped you to correctly fix the error 0x80073D26. Here are similar topics that may be of interest or help to you:

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