Soccer simulator with 3D matches

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Table of Contents

It is a development that offers us all possible scenarios, from training our team and directing it during matches, to being a participant in the growth of the club. However, it brings numerous improvements over the previous generation.

Soccer Manager 2021 - Soccer Management Game

Choose your coach style

As often happens in football managers, we have the possibility of creating the coach to suit each one. Both in clothing and skills, although in Soccer Manager it is something different. It raises U.S three profiles of coaches to choose from, each with a different appearance and with differential characteristics. We not only have to choose the one that we like the most, but the one that we see that can contribute the most. For example, the second coach has more advanced tactical attributes, while another has attributes for other aspects.

soccer manager 2021 coach

Create the best stadium in the world in Soccer Manager 2021

As we have mentioned before, we can make a great club not only on the field, but off it. This simulator allows you to manage other aspects such as stadium, training ground, the medical clinic and other facilities. The more we improve them, the more resources and more possibilities to sign better players we will have.

soccer manager 2021 stadium

As for the stadium, there are several designs that we can choose from to build the best football stage in the world. Similarly, we also make decisions about sponsors and ways to improve the club’s finances, so that the budget for salaries and transfers increases.

Become the best Soccer Manager coach

The title, at first, does not have real names of players in the teams, although the community creates data packages to install real information about the team we have chosen to train, which can be downloaded in their forum. These Data packages They are files in a standard format used to upload data to your private game profile. This means that in addition to editing the page style and your profile, you can also have control over the names, photos and other information of the teams in the game.

soccer manager 2021 match

However, this year it incorporates several pre-installed packages that automatically allow us to have players as we know them in real life, both names and images of them. By choosing the team that we are going to train, our adventure begins. We have one complete database to sign players, scouts and all the personnel necessary for the operation of the club.

The game, although not seen in its full duration, has the possibility to see it in 3D, but only the important plays or that are going to be a goal, simulating the rest of the game. The animations, although somewhat limited, are very successful for an Android version, matching the proposal of other major developments such as Football Manager. During the match, we can pause it to change team tactics on the style of play, individual orders or change of players