So you want to revolutionize LG the Bluetooth connection

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Table of Contents

So you want to revolutionize LG the Bluetooth connection 1

The Bluetooth is a wireless connections more important that we have access to in our mobile. If well does not reach the speed of the WiFi or LTE, its low power consumption makes it ideal for connecting with accessories of all kinds.

When your smart watch gets notifications, thanks to Bluetooth, or when you can listen to music on your wireless headset. Even when you weigh on a scale is smart and appear the data in the app from your mobile. All this does not happen by magic, and today we speak of a great improvement for this technology.

The chip of LG that will be able to re-invent the accessories

It seems pretty obvious, but for the wireless connection between two devices to work, it is necessary that both have a chip dedicated to that function, in addition to the corresponding antennas.

So you want to revolutionize LG the Bluetooth connection 2On mobile, the Bluetooth chip is in the own SoC.

This connection does not usually have a lot of mystery in our mobile, because the own processor, also known as System on a Chip (SoC), but what happens to everything that is not a cell phone?

Accessories also need their Bluetooth chip to communicate with our mobile phone, and not just any chip, because if this is not the height ends up resulting in a connection of poor quality, with connection failure or inappropriate behavior.

In a world in which there are more and more connected devices and they should all connect to our mobile phone, it is necessary that the connection is perfect, and LG seems to have taken a giant leap in this field.

So you want to revolutionize LG the Bluetooth connection 3

The new chip from the LG to the Bluetooth connection has a size of 4 x 6 mm, occupying 75% of the size of the previous chip of the company and to improve a 30 % performance.

In this size so compact there are more than 20 componentsand that level of integration has an important novelty, which is the elimination of multiple interference signals, one of the major drawbacks in the wireless connections.

This chip will not come to your mobile device, but the new accessories that connect to your mobile phone.

The input And wants to revolutionize LG the Bluetooth connection is listed first on The Android Free.