So you can set conversations in Google Messages

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A few weeks ago it was leaked that the application of Google Messages was going to allow us in the near future star messages and pin conversations. Well, a few days ago he confirmed that these news would arrive in the coming weeks, but that of setting up conversations has been the first to arrive.

Through the last Google Messages beta we see that we can set the most important conversations as in WhatsApp. The steps and operation in the Google messages application is identical.

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Pin messages in Google Messages

Like WhatsApp, the Google Messages application allows us from now on set up to three conversations. We just have to make sure we have the updated application on your latest beta version to be able to set our SMS, MMS and chat conversations (RCS) right away.

With the application updated to the version 8.3 we just have to mhold down a conversation to activate its action menu and then click on the new icon set. We have to set the conversations one by one. It does not allow to fix several conversations at once.

Google Pin Messages

Of course, pinned conversations appear at the top of the list, sorted by date and time. To fix a conversation we have to carry out the same steps. Pressing and holding a conversation pinned to will appear as the no pin action.

It is expected that in the coming weeks this novelty will reach the whole world together with the option to highlight messages within a conversation. As we can see, Google is adding the most basic WhatsApp functions to its messaging client.

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So you can set conversations in Google Messages

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So you can set conversations in Google Messages 1

So you can set conversations in Google Messages 2