So you can schedule tweets from your pc and mobile

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schedule tweets

TwitterOver the years, it has been including new functionalities so that its users have a richer and more complete experience. One of the last has been the programming, which until not too long ago, was not available. This has provided great comfort and, if we want to make a publication at another time of the day, it is not necessary to be in front of the screen. Therefore, we are going to learn everything necessary to schedule tweets in advance, either through the web address and from our own mobile phone.

The blue bird social network is one of the most used in the world. Despite the growth of other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it is an effective information tool for anyone. Likewise, it also has extensive possibilities within the scope commercial Y promotional. But one of its limitations that it had is that it was not possible to program tweets natively. For this, it was necessary to resort to third-party applications. However, for some time, this functionality has been included and we can choose ourselves the right time to to post our messages.

What is scheduling tweets?

Twitter has generally followed a platform of real time. Therefore, to achieve relevance it was necessary to be very aware of our publications. The option of program It allows us to launch our messages without constantly entering the tool, and we can choose the moment of publication in advance. If we wish, it is even possible to establish a calendar for hours and then manage these scheduled tweets.

For example, if you have a commercial profile and you display a lot of information through this network, with programming you will avoid flooding your followers with a lot of messages in a short time. Before, this was a major drawback (natively at least).

Scheduling tweets allows us not only to save time, but also to serve our audience if we cannot be in real time. Thus, the followers will be covered with information and will be able to interact at any time of the day.

Practical tips

If anything, the problem is that we will not know until the moment of its publication the effect it has and, above all, if it has been shared in the way we want. There are a series of tips that we must take into account in this regard.

  • For example, we cannot program retweets. To do this, it will be necessary to choose the Quote tweet option and add a comment. Only then is it possible to plan a publication of this type.
  • Although we are not in real time, the effect must be the same. Therefore, it is always important to consider adding images, GIF or links of video next to the text and hashtags.
  • In this sense, links lengths can also be problematic. As if we were launching a message in real time, we must also use url constraints when scheduling tweets.
  • Choosing the ideal time to tweet is generic advice. It is important to know the profile of our audience. Although now the messages are also displayed according to our preferences, scheduling during business hours or during peak hours is beneficial.

How to schedule

Once we have touched on some previous questions, it is time to get down to business. Now we will review the different options we have for program tweets and messages on Twitter. It can be carried out mainly through the web address. But, although some users are unaware of it, it is also possible to do it from the mobile phone with the progressive web application or PWA from Twitter. We will also go over some interesting alternatives.

From the computer

On the Twitter website, which you can access from your computer’s browser, the function was implemented between the end of 2019 and the first months of 2020. In this case, it is extremely easy to schedule tweets and you only have to perform a few steps.

  • Once we have entered the web address with our username and password, we must write our message using the usual method, as if we were going to publish it at that precise moment. But be careful, don’t click on Tweet. Of course, we can include photos, GIFs, or surveys as usual.
  • Under the text field, in the options bar, we will find an icon shaped like calendar. We press on it.

schedule tweets

  • Here a window will open with all the possible programming options.
  • You can adjust the date you want to publish, either the month, the day and the year. You also have the option to determine the time.
  • Once you have set the parameters, click the button Confirm.
  • Now you will return to the tweet again and here you can establish any last minute modification. Above you will be indicated the date and time assigned. To end the process, click on Programming

schedule tweets

Manage scheduled tweets

As we have seen, the process is very easy. But it is possible that you were wrong when writing the message and, for whatever reason you want, you need to edit it. You can also change the timing of the schedule or simply delete it.

For example, when you have programmed a message, each time you access the main text field, the option to Tweets not sent. Drafts will appear here as well as scheduled messages. If you click directly on the calendar icon, you can also access the Scheduled Tweets.

schedule tweets

If you click on it, now you can edit it. The text field will open again and you can make the changes you need. Click on Programming and the changes will be saved.

But still, you can delete the message. To do this, you will have to go to the upper Edit button and select the tweet in question from the list. You can also click Select All. Finally, click on Get rid of.

schedule tweets

From the phone

If from our computer we can program tweets through the web address, in the mobile application at the moment it is not allowed natively. But contrary to what many people think, it is possible to do it with a trick.

We will need to use the PWA (Progressive Web App) or progressive web app from Twitter. This type of software behaves like an original application, although it is not. In addition, they are lighter programs and allow certain tests to be carried out, as is the case.

  • First of all, we have to open the browser web of our mobile phone. Recommended for Android is Google Chrome or one based on Chromium. On iOS it may be worth Safari.
  • The next step is to type the mobile address of Twitter in the navigation bar: You will have to authenticate with your username and password.
  • Once this is done, it is convenient to open the browser menu (three vertical dots) and select Add to home page. With this, the browser will install the PWA as if it were just another app.

Thus, through this method you will already have access to the same options present on the computer. And of course you can schedule tweets. You can check it by writing any message. Choose the date and time and click on Schedule. You can also edit posts, as well as access drafts and scheduled messages.

Alternatives to the official client

Despite the native options offered by Twitter on its website, and the PWA that we can use from our mobile phone, there are users who are in favor of scheduling tweets and managing their publications by using Applications.

In many cases, they cope easily with this type of program and offer them extra options that are not present in the official client. It is possible, for example, to have on these platforms the management of several social profiles simultaneously.


It is one of the best tools not only for manage Twitter, but also the rest of social networks. If you dedicate yourself professionally to this world, it is an essential program to bring together other Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn profiles. It has a price of 39 euros per month and allows simultaneous up to 10 accounts in networks, although it has a free 30-day trial version.

From its main window you can join the monitoring of hashtags, trends, follow users and set schedules. If you are a professional, it is recommended for the amount of time it saves and the optimization options it offers.

schedule tweets

Sked Social

This platform is another to take into account if you want to carry out a detailed and detailed management of your tweets. But, as in the previous case, it is also possible manage multiple accounts on Facebook or Instagram. With the tool we can have access to an overview of our schedules and publications, thus checking that the requirements we expect are met. Of course, this will help us when making any adjustments.

Sked Social is also a paid program and includes a seven-day free trial for any user. It is a good way to check if we adapt to the tool. The cost is between 18 and 22 euros, depending on the plan we choose and allows the management of up to three accounts.

schedule tweets

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