So you can make Chrome resolve all the captchas

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So you can make Chrome resolve all the captchas 1

Solving a captcha is common on the Internet and it is not complicated, it only takes a few seconds. But there are users who prefer to skip this process and automate it to be a robot the one to do it for us. Or, in this case, a browser extension that saves us from having to type them manually. We can solve a captcha automatically from the browser? Yes and we explain how to do it if you want not to have to look for trees or streetlights.

There are extensions you can add to Chrome and they promise to resolve the captcha automatically on the web that appears. Are they worth using? Depends. They are not immediate and take a few seconds to solve the enigma and their main drawback is that they are not able to solve all the types but only some of them, as we will see in the next paragraphs.

What is a CAPTCHA for?

CAPTCHA means Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Or what is the same, a tool or a test that is able to distinguish if you are a human or a robot as a security measure or verification when accessing a page, for example. This Turing test is very old but it has evolved until today and surely you have used it many times on a web page to show that you are a person. They are simple questions that seek to limit spam or automatic clicks on any page. It can be to solve something very simple like a sum or simply choose all the photographs that have streetlights or say what letters are in a box even if they are rotated or slightly distorted. A machine couldn’t but for a human it would be easily surmountable regardless of their cultural or intellectual level.


There’s also reCAPTCHA what is the method used by Google and what bought in 2009. The main difference between CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA is that the former is the general method, the type of test that we use. Google’s is a proprietary technology that the company uses and that has a common name. As a “brand” within all the global captchas that exist on the Internet, so to speak.

google recaptcha hcaptcha cloudflare

Its mission, as we have already said, is that you show that you are a human and you will find it in online stores, when you register for web services such as emails, when configuring a service or when trying to change a password. They are easy to use and solve but there are “tricks” to avoid wasting that time.

Solve captchas automatically

Buster is a Google Chrome extension (which is also available for Firefox) that allows to resolve captchas automatically or so it promises. Is not that we are not able to do it, which you will generally always know, but you may not want to waste time looking for streetlights or palm trees or traffic lights. Buster is a robot who wants to prove that he is not a robot although he is not infallible. It is continuously updated. Available since 2018 but its last update is from 2021 so there are frequently improvements that seek to make it more useful.


The operation of Buster very simple. You can go to any Captcha or reCAPTCHA test websites to check it out. Once you have installed it and it is in the browser, go to the corresponding test and tap on “I’m not a robot”. A visual test will then appear where you will have to choose something. As we show you in the example, we must find all the pieces or images of the mosaic in which a bicycle is seen. But at the bottom appears, once it is installed, the “doll” of Buster. Tap on it and it will automatically solve it.


Possible drawbacks

We have tested it and it works although keep in mind that it is not infallible and there may be cases in which it fails. You should also keep in mind that in order for the Captcha to be resolved you must go to the upper right corner of the browser, touch on the extension and enable the permission “Can read and change data from sites.” You can choose to only allow it when you tap on the extension, always or never. The most comfortable comes first, although the safest thing will be that it only works when you are going to use the extension and not during the rest of the time.

Worth? Depends. We have tried Buster and it solves Captcha many times but not always. In addition, it is only capable of doing it with visual identification. That is, it works to find shops, signs, streetlights, trees or cars but not in the rest of the types that we can meet on the internet. It also has some problems and drawbacks beyond its possible errors and that is that it asks permission to read or modify data from the websites you visit and we must take into account or always monitor the Chrome extensions or the any other browser as they can be the gateway to malware.

Other alternatives

Although Buster is the best known and the one most often downloaded for this purpose, it is not the only one, nor is it the first. There are other extensions that allow you avoid captchas or resolve them automatically when we browse the Internet or in very specific cases. The purpose is the same: save us that time and not have to solve them continuously.

Privacy Pass

Another extension for captchas is Privacy Pass and it is available for Chrome browsers but also for Firefox. Its mission, as its name suggests, is to solve the “puzzles” that appear in Privacy Pass and that are usually quite common when you connect to Tor or VPN. It works in the background and these captchas can be reduced.

The difference with the previous one is that what I doe is not to solve them automatically rather, it seeks to reduce those that appear: there will be fewer times that we have to solve them in order to not having to be interrupting something continuously while we navigate.

As we usually recommend with any other application or extension like this one, you should always have a control to know if its permissions change or if it may pose a risk to have it installed in case of malware.

Privacy Pass

2Captcha Solver

In a brief look at the Chrome Web Store we see that there is no possible comparison between Buster or this tool that only has 27 opinions compared to more than 400 of the previous one. But it is an alternative that also promises to resolve CAPTCHAs automatically on any website. The extension is free but has “small print”: download it is free but you must create an account on its website to replenish the balance that will allow you to resolve the captchas. Each one has priced at about 2.99 cents (about two cents to change) that are discounted when you solve them.

The main drawback of this extension is that: you have to pay a few cents for each captcha and it may not be worth it. But you can try it if you are looking for an alternative to Buster that solves them for you.


Captcha Solution Chrome Browser Extension

The third of the tools that we find in the Chrome Web Store when we are going to solve a captcha or we want them to do it for us is this one with more than eight thousand downloads and only about twenty ratings. It is far from being as popular or valued as the first but it is an alternative. Like the previous one, it has the great problem that forces us to pay for resolution of each captcha although the first ten have no cost.

It is cheap: only 0.7 dollars to solve a total of a thousand tests and it works the same as the others: you install it and touch the corresponding icon to prove that you are not a robot. Maybe not the best option with respect to Buster but you should know that it exists in case an update makes it more efficient and practical in the future.

Captcha Solutions

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